New US sanctions destructive to bilateral ties: Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Moscow, (Asian independent)┬áThe Russian Foreign Ministry has said that the expanded sanctions list published by the US authorities in relation to Russian companies allegedly classified as “military end users” is a destructive move for bilateral ties.

“The latest innovations of the US Department of Commerce aimed at modernising its export regime, namely, the incorporation of the concept of ‘military end user’ and the inclusion of more than 40 Russian legal entities in the corresponding list, are perplexing and outrageous,” Xinhua news agency quoted Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova as saying on Thursday.

She emphasized that this was another unfriendly move on the part of the US, aimed at containing Russia, that was disguised as concern for US companies reportedly worried about selling sensitive products to others.

“We call once again on the US side to listen to the voice of reason, at least ours, and, finally, to start adequately assessing the consequences of their destructive actions both for the general political atmosphere of relations between our countries and for their trade and economic component,” she added.

The Ministry considers that with this move, the US undermines competition in global markets and acts to the detriment of its own businesses.

On Monday, the US Department of Commerce drafted a sanctions list of 103 entities, among which were 45 Russian companies that were allegedly labelled as “military end users”, claiming they have military ties.