New royalty unit prices for Data Use Licences

We are amending the royalty unit prices for data supplied to third parties for the purpose of creating mining search reports and related products.

The Coal Authority has undertaken a pricing review and are changing the royalty unit prices for their Data Use Licence.

The changes to the royalty unit prices will take effect from 1 April 2019.

Data set Royalty unit
Area for Mining Report Intervention £0.49
Child Phase £0.38
Coalfield Consultation Areas £0.30
Coal Mining Related Hazards £0.35
Country £0.00
Court Order £0.46
Court Order Amendments £0.30
Licence Areas £0.38
Legal Notices £0.32
Licence table £0.30
Mine Gas £0.30
Mine Entries £0.88
Coal Outcrops £0.47
Parent Phase £0.60
Probable Workings £0.31
Section 46 notices £0.75
Seam table £0.30
In Seam Level Contours £0.66
In Seam Levels £0.70
Site Investigations £0.31
Underground Workings £0.73
Unlicensed Opencast £0.31
Working Dates £0.67
Coal Authority subsidence damage claim £0.97
Geological Disturbance – faults £0.67
Geological Disturbance – fissures & breaklines £0.31
Licensed roadways £0.67
Licensee Area Of Responsibility £0.67
Shallow Coal Workings £0.82
Spine Roadways £0.67

These royalty unit prices are exclusive of VAT.