‘Need province-centric manufacturing for Aatmarnibhar Bharat’

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

New Delhi (Asian independent) India needs to link the production of local goods to the manufacturing state or province in order to become self reliant, according to spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The founder of the Art of Living Foundation, also has an FMCG brand ‘Sri Sri Tattva’ with both online and offline presence.

Speaking at the inaugural session of “Wisdom Series” organised by ASSOCHAM, he said that linking a product to its manufacturing province can be a possible exploration point to promote local products globally as this will aid in marketing and brand creation.

He went on to give examples of products like Mysore’s sandalwood, Moradabad’s brass business, Agra and Mathura’s ‘petha’ sweet, among others.

“In this manner, each province of our nation was linked to a product in the past. One reason for China to have progressed economically so well as per my understanding is that they too have tied a province to a product in a similar manner. This would be a great way of going about Atmanirbhar Bharat,” he said.

He added that if Indian consumers do not support local products then it will be difficult to progress.

Anil Rajput, Chairman, ASSOCHAM FMCG Brand Promotion and Protection Council, said: “We need a holistic India-centric approach where all stakeholders think in unison to make India a global economic powerhouse. The Prime Minister’s clarion call for Vocal for Local has already laid the foundation to build a strong self-reliant India of tomorrow, and it is now time for all of us to contribute meaningfully towards this vision.