Nadda releases India’s health profile, launches institutional profiling project

New Delhi,   Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda on Tuesday released the National Health Profile (NHP) 2018, a major aid to policy makers, and launched the National Health Resource Repository (NHRR) project, which does the institutional profiling of the country.

“National Health Profile is the most acclaimed publication which provides vital information on demography, socio economic status, health status including morbidity and mortality, health finance, human resources and health infrastructure,” he said.

NHP, brought out annually by Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI) since 2005, is widely used by government departments and institutions, policy makers, planners, administrators, researchers and academicians involved with health sector development.

“Data is an indispensable part of governance and such incorporation of updated information from this publication would certainly help in policy planning and decision making and contribute to the improvement of the health services in the country,” the minister said.

Going beyond health profiling, the government launched NHHR in collaboration with Indian Space Research Organisation, World Health Organisation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to profile the health facilities available in government and private sector across the country.

The country’s first health facility registry — which is expected to list down about 25 lakh hospitals, doctors, clinics, diagnostic labs, pharmacies and nursing homes spread over the country on over 1,400 variables — will enable evidence based planning and policy making, Nadda said.

NHRR will be the ultimate platform for comprehensive information of all healthcare establishments including health facilities of Railways, Employee’s State Insurance Corporation, defence and petroleum. It will be IT-enabled repository of India’s healthcare resources.

Nadda said: “For convergence and efficient use of information, NHRR will be cohesively working with Ayushman Bharat and Central TB Division on an integrated plan for the larger benefit ensuing hospital empanelment and private sector engagement.”