Megalith sites in J’khand’s Hazaribagh draw interest for insights into prehistory

Megalith sites in Jharkhand Hazaribagh draw interest for insights into prehistory.

Ranchi, (Asian independent) Did human in prehistoric times have knowledge of music and use musical instruments? Jharkhand’s archaeologists and historians are considering this after unearthing a flute-like instrument at a megalithic site in Hazaribagh which may contain other artefacts of ancient civilisation.

Archaeological researcher Subhashish Das says that carbon dating of the flute-like object indicates several findings may emerge from the archaeological evidence.

More than five megalithic sites have been discovered around Hazaribagh and its surrounding areas, and many evidences of ancient civilisation have been collected from there.

Das has written “The Archaeoastronomy of few megalithic sites of Jharkhand”, based on his research, where he has tried to decode the antiquities and evidences found here.

Das told IANS that he found the flute-like instrument, made from the bones of a human or any other animal, in Hazaribagh’s Chano village under Sadar block.

It is possible that in ancient times, bones were used to make instruments, and Das says that extensive research is needed to ascertain this.

He has also developed a private museum in Hazaribagh where this flute-like object, and other objects and evidences have been preserved.

The megalithic sites and other archaeological findings discovered by Das were visited and inspected by many scholars, archaeologists and astronomers from abroad and are being considered extremely significant from the point of view of decoding the civilisations of Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods.

About the megalithic site located in Chano village, Das said this place is mentioned on the map during British rule as ‘sacred mount’, which could mean the local people visit it because of ancient beliefs and worship etc.

Black and red pottery with unique lustre have been found from this place, and Das says that these date back to 700-500 B.C.

On getting information about the research conducted by Das, former Jharkhand Chief Secretary V.S. Dubey himself inspected this site and directed excavations to be done under the supervision of experts of the Allahabad University.

However, the excavation has not been started yet and this megalithic site has been damaged by the local villagers due to lack of awareness.

Das is quite unhappy over this development and said despite his repeated attempts to draw the government’s attention towards the condition of these megalith sites, no steps have been taken to protect these.

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