Meera Deosthale wants to go experimental on-screen

Meera Deosthale wants to go experimental on-screen.

Mumbai,(Asian independent)¬†Actress Meera Deosthale, known for her performances in TV shows like “Udaan” and “Vidya”, says she wants to take up roles that are different from what she has done till now.

She last played the titular character in the social drama “Vidya”. She essayed an uneducated village girl.

“The journey was half lived but I learnt a lot. It was a totally different environment and an unconventional character. Everyday was a challenge to keep the innocence and purity of Vidya alive in every scene,” she said.

The show went off-air due to the coronavirus lockdown. Talking about it, she said: “I understand that the network is going through an economy crunch. And of course, we all wish to keep working. I guess it’s a testing time, and I have always believed that whatever happens, happens for a reason. I shall stay safe for a while in my house and wait for work opportunities to come by.”

On the kind of roles she is looking for, she said: “I would love to be experimental. And anything that’s different than what I have done up till now. Am looking forward to doing a web series. Would be a new kind of experience.”