M. Teji

(Asian Independent)

The year 2020 has passed with colossal amount of deaths on the record. The Covid 19 started in China in November 2019 and spread all around the world. It has claimed a lot of lives in 2020 and now we have entered into the year 2021 and still it has not eased it’s grip.

The death toll has been so extreme that it compelled the medical Institutions, the researchers and the scientists all around the world to produce a vaccination that would halt it’s advancement. Luckily, we are now entered 2021 in safeguard of various Corona vaccinations in hand.

In Delhi Corona virus is on increase but it hurts to say that on the borders of Delhi in thousands, the kisaans are on the roads protesting against the three laws the BJP Government has introduced without any serious consultation.

The Kisaans and some with their families from all over India have also come here. All have been and are still sleeping on the roads under the open sky in minus temperature for nearly forty days but the Government is still holding back from arbitrating the matter. They keep postponing the dates even knowing that their well being is at stake through exposure to the danger of corona and extremely cold weather.

The Kisaans want three farm laws withdrawn and the next meeting with the Government is going to be on the 4th January 2021.

The Kisaans are not happy with the Government because their spokesmen/women on the TV channels those support the Government keep giving fabricated views and stories against the protestors. They keep insisting that these three laws are the best for the farmers but the farmers refute this statement because they hold of opinion is that the sole purpose of these three laws is to eventually take away land from their possession.

Millions in India are unhappy with the Government because since its commencement in the year 2014, it has caused division within the citizens of India via caste based ideas. The democratic rights are being snatched away through amendments but this attack on the Kisaans has exploded because to benefit the corporations their livelihood has been played with.

The public of India has started to understand that there is a very close attachment within the corporations and the Government and is the reason why their massive loans are being pardoned by the Government.

Under the BJP reign, the rapes and murders of the women and girls have increased. The bodies of the victims are being cremated in the fields, in the middle of the night and in presence of the police. The justice is not being done by the courts but by the state authorities through encounters. This is not democracy, it is fascism.

India needs democracy to remain because it gives fair justice and equal right to all the citizens of India.
In the manner the Government has behaved with the Kisaans has arisen a deep concern. The police has mercilessly used lathi sticks, tear gas and water cannons on the protestors. Not only in Haryana but also in other states to stop them joining the protest in Delhi,

The Government wants to reinstate Manusmirity back into the system. Taking into account in the manner the police has behaved on the barricades it has become a big worry for the millions of the Indians living in India and abroad that when the issue of Manusmirity will come on the scene then the Army, the Navy and the Air Force which side they will stand for.

Through Indian Constitution, India has progressed to where it is now because it supports fair justice and equality for all regardless of caste, culture or creed. It has given freedom for the women to progress.

Unfortunately, Manusmirity is going to be the downfall of India because it categorises humanity and contains cruel acts. It spreads hatred. Under it’s ruling the women will lose the freedom and the status they are enjoying today.

A new Parliament Building is going to be built. The Dharti Poojan has already been done under Hindu rights. Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s statue which is present in the Parliament, will it be moved to the new building or will a new one be erected there?

In the new building, will the MPs be sworn under the oath of Indian Constitution or the Manusmirity? Only the BJP wants to reinstate Manusmirty but the majority of the Indians want the Indian Constitution to remain because it is the energy to India’s success.

The solidarity that has been shown in support of the Kisaans deserves praise and this amalgamation is the start of new India. The barriers of division have been broken and all India has now united together and will remain united in the future.

They have come to learn that through Unity they can overcome any obstacle.



– M. Teji