Masterstroke by Congress in Karnataka

Rahul Kumar, Senior journalist & Columnist,

BJP`s falter at the finishing line and a teary exit of Yeddyurappa is ignominious for Mr. Modi and Mr.Amit Shah. No doubt, the BJP/RSS made last minutes efforts to garner numbers to prove the majority on the floor but the Congress and JDS MLAs did not defect despite allurements. The wisdom and aggressive politics of Congress leaders including Gulam Nabi Azad, and experienced and renowned Supreme Court lawyers` Abhisekh Singhvi, Kapil Sibal, and Ashwani Kumar are commendable.

Sh.Rahul Gandhi, President of the Congress party rightly said: “No institution is immune to BJP`s assault in India”. The BJP/RSS has destroyed all democratic and educational institutions in the country. All democratic institutions in India are captured by the BJP/RSS. It indicates that the people are fed with the empty rhetoric of Mr. Modi and Mr.Amit Shah.

The BJP/RSS leaders are a bundle of lies. All the BJP spokespersons are experts to twist the historical facts. Most of the TV channels are captured by the BJP/RSS. For example, Ms. Navika Kumar, Managing Editor(Politics) with the Times Now was unhappy over the news of the resignation of Yeddyurappa before the trust vote. I watched the whole Times Now news coverage from morning till the resignation. I noted that  Ms. Navika Kumar`s face turned sad and gloomy after inputs from her colleagues from Karnataka about the resignation of Yeddyurappa. Her body language indicated as if she has lost a Chief Minister of her own party.  This is how TV anchor like Ms. Navika Kumar propagating against the clean image of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. There are other TV challenges also which are performing the same task. Commercialized media is helping those who wanted to disintegrate the country and polarize the society. Journalism is the fourth estate and it is the duty of a journalist to present the facts irrespective of political party affiliation or commercial interests.

The common man is bleeding. The skyrocketing oil prices have broken the back of a common man. Local business is in a bad shape; export on the decline; interest on the bank Fixed Deposits reduced; jobs disappeared; salaries are not paid on time; farmers are committing suicide in the BJP ruled state; Dalits are mercilessly killed in every part of the country; no black money came back to India. All flagships programmes like Skill India, Starts-up India, Stand-up India, Make in India failed because of wrong policies of the central government. The situation for Indian diaspora in the US changed after Donald Trump declared “America First”. Mr. Modi claims that India has gained eminence and reputation in the international arena after he took reign of the government. Again, he has been proved wrong. Indian migrated to the British colonials during the colonial period. From South Africa to Australia Indian were known for their hard work and social harmony so the country – India. Here again, Mr. Modi is seen manipulating the historical facts to befool the people of India.

Is this Mr. Modi`s and Mr. Shah`s good governance? Earlier the BJP/RSS were opposing the entry of the multinational brands in India under the pretext of “Swadeshi” but in four years and three months regime under Mr. Modi and Mr. Shah hundreds of foreign companies were given official permission muzzling local businessmen.

Let us ask: where is the Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS)? Has BMS run by the RSS ever protested against the entry of the foreign companies? The people of India must evaluate such questions before going to the polling booths in 2019.