The 64th Mahaparinirvan Divas of Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar commemorated in the India House, London on December 06, 2019. The commemoration began with showing documentary about the Mahaparinivan of Dr Ambedkar on December 06, 1956, which was followed with the floral tributes by Mr Charanjeet Singh, the Deputy High Commissioner of India, and the community leaders and dedicated members of the Federation of Ambedkarite & Buddhist Organisations (FABO), United Kingdom.


Ven Vijithavansa Thero, the Head of West London Buddha Vihara recited Buddhist Prayer and gave a blessing for the event. Dr Abhijit Shinde lead ‘Bhim Stuti – Bhim Smaran’ with students.

Mr Charanjeet Singh said that Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar, one of the nation builders of modern India continues to live in our hearts because of his huge contribution to humanity. He did not keep his efforts and vision limited to only backward classes but built the constitution in such a way so that everyone – poor-rich, men-women-transgender, caste-religion, race-ethnicity would have an equal voice, everyone’s vote bears the same weight. He wrote the constitution in order to give dignity, equality and freedom to all members of Indian society. Telling the depth and accuracy about the work of the great leader, Mr. Singh further said that the Dr. Ambedkar completed the draft of Indian constitution almost single-handedly and that was accepted with very minimal amendments. He also said, “We all Indians are immensely grateful to him for giving us one of the finest constitutions in the world which have enabled us to become 5th largest economy in the whole world”. This capacity of dreaming and making the dreams to be realised is given by Dr Amedkar’s constitution and his guidance.

Mr Gautam Chakravarty, the Joint Secretary of FABO shared his vision about continuously conducting the commemoration ceremony in London. He told that such ceremonies are a great occasion to remind ourselves about ideas and values, for which Dr Ambedkar stood, and his vision for India and the downtrodden. He said, “Today, whatever heights we all have reached is because of him, and it is this imperative that keep reminding ourselves about our duties and the ways through which we have to go.” Mr Gautam told about the untimely departure of Dr Ambedkar after giving Buddha Dhamma Diksha to his followers in India. He appealed from Buddhist and non-Buddhist OBCs to take up social work like conducting medical camps to mark the significance of this occasion. He also thanked and appreciated the High Commissioner for continuing the tradition of commemoration program for 49th year in the India House at Aldwych, London.

Mr. Arvind Kumar, PhD Scholar of Political Science at Royal Holloway, University of London said, “It is well known how and to what extent Babasaheb Ambedkar’s mission has impacted the lives of the downtrodden of India.”  Narrating his personal memoir on the same lines, he told that three generations back, the people of his village including his forefathers were bonded labourers of the local landlord, making their lives abject poverty, hunger and illiteracy. His forefathers even migrated from one village to another for surviving and finding better life opportunities, but with distant hope. But then came the revolutionary ideas of Dr. Ambedkar in his area which encouraged elders of his village to revolt against the bonded labour. That revolt changed the life of the people of his village and family.  Mr.  Kumar very proudly stated that he is able to join the University of London- only because of inspirations which he draws from the life and mission of Dr Ambedkar..

Dr Santsoh Munde, ENT Surgeon, said that he could become a doctor only due to the foundations laid down by Dr Ambedkar. He expressed that the constitution written by Dr Ambedkar gives rights and opportunity to every member of Indian society to aspire for the highest position in the modern India. Hence, Dr Ambedkar cannot be limited to only Buddhist people, every Indian is greatly indebted to him. Dr Munde expressed that in this competitive world, once you become a champion and winning, you will find many people who praise you and support you. But Dr Ambedkar was a person who enabled the downtrodden of India to dream to win, to prepare to win and to actually win. His thoughts, his vision is the greatest gift to us. Today, taking inspiration from Dr Ambedkar’s compassion for every member of the society, Dr Munde conducts medical camps often that benefits the poor and downtrodden. His medical camp for distributing hearing aid equipment worth 50 lac INR has made a record in Limca Book.

Dr Renu Raj, a prominent advocate said that India’s unity despite diversity is simply due to Dr Ambedkar’s vision of giving equal rights to all. Dr Ambedkar’s motto was ‘Educate, Agitate, Organise’ which inspires her to progress further, without resting, till the goal is reached. She concluded by saying that she feels proud in following Dr Ambedkar’s legacy.


Mrs Monika R P presented two Punjabi poems written by herself for the event, Bodhisatva Babasaheb rose from ‘dust to doyen’. The Great Babasaheb now stands in every capacity with his people. ‘Long Live Babasaheb’.


Mr Tarun Kumar successfully conducted the event.