Let’s behave with calmness: IOA VC calls for end to infighting

Indian Olympic Association. (Photo: Facebook/@IndianOlympicTeam)

New Delhi,(Asian independent)┬áIndian Olympic Association (IOA) Vice President R.K. Anand has appealed to members to end the infighting that has erupted within India’s National Olympic Council over the past three months. Anand, who is also Chairman of the IOA’s Legal Committee, said that he has “never seen such bitterness and language” used in mails that have been flying between the warring factions.

“It’s high time all are requested with folded hands to stop this bitterness and stop all kinds of mails against each other in order to resolve the controversy,” said Ananad in a letter addressed to the members.

At the centre of the fight is a disagreement between IOA President Narinder Batra and Secretary General Rajeev Mehta on the powers of the president. The latest of these saw Batra and Mehta disagreeing on the appointment of an assistant to the Chairman of the IOA Ethics Commission.

“We don’t have to go anywhere but to look at these three rules drafted by you all and that’s binding on you. None of members or EC or AGM can override the powers of the President unless you resort to amendment of rules as per provisions laid down by you,” said Anand.

“The president has appointed commissions and committees in his wisdom while exercising powers derived from the rules referred to above and all are ratified by the EC and AGM. Why raise any controversy on the powers of the president. They all are to function unhindered by any one including himself.

“I request all members to think coolly and with a sense of regards to everyone. We all should stop all kinds of mails to vitiate the atmosphere of the working of IOA. Please don’t harm the Institution. If the Institution goes we all are gone. Let’s behave with calmness. We are all brothers and all our differences can be sorted out by the core committee constituted by you. All are senior members therein. Let’s not bring hardship to IOA.”