Kremlin sees US as opponent, not partner: Spokesman

US President Joe Biden meets his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva.(credit:

Moscow, (Asian independent) The Kremlin said that Russia does not see the US as a partner but as an opponent.

“To our regret, there are currently no partnership programs and no relations,” Xinhua news agency quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying at a daily briefing on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, he recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin had persistently demonstrated his commitment to normalising ties.

According to Peskov, the only positive aspect is that Russia-US relations are no longer only marked by mutual accusations but the presence of negotiations.

“The fact that our experts are discussing strategic stability in Geneva is very positive. We hope that through such contacts, we will be able to convey our positions to each other more effectively,” he added.

The spokesman warned that the results of the June summit between Putin and US President Joe Biden in Geneva should not be exaggerated.

“It would be unwise to put on rose-coloured glasses and view Geneva as a certain threshold, following which we entered an era of partnership,” he said.

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