Krantijyoti Savitri Mai Phule Remembered

(Asian Independent)- Women and men from different walks of life joined a meeting to remember Savitri Mai Phule on her 124th Parinirwan Diwas at the Prerna Kendra on the Deoria Kushinagar border in Uttar Pradesh. They remembered her contribution for the uplift of the women and men of different sections of society and stressed the need to follow on the path shown by her.
The remembrance began with a Buddhist chant by Ratnakar Bhante who said it should be our goal to spread Buddhism all over the country as that is the only way to bring equality and liberty in our society.
In his introductory remarks , the founder of Prerna Kendra run by Social Development Foundation, Shri Vidya Bhushan Rawat said that it is high time we understand the message of Savitri Mai Phule in the current context. He emphasised the need to spread scientific education and speak up against discrimination against women. Our society needs to change a lot because of the prevailing prejudices against women.
The coordinator of Prerna Kendra Ms Sangita Kushwaha said that due to our continuous work in this region for over 15 years the marginalised communities are now getting to know Savitri Mai and other legends.
Mrs Namita Rawat recited the poem written by Savitri Mai in which she says that ignorance is our biggest enemy and we must overcome it. We must educate all our children particularly the girls. She also sang a song : Isliye rah Sangharsh kee hum chune, jindagi aansuon me nahaai na ho’.
Shri Nand Lal from Bihar felt that it is time we take the message of Savitri Bai Phule everywhere and work towards eradication of superstition from our society. Many other speakers felt that Buddhism was the need of the hour so that India really becomes a Prabuddha Bharat as envisaged by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.
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