Farmers protest at Karnal

(Asian Independent)- The Kisaan (farmers) endurance and their enthusiasm have gained worldwide respect. They started a protest against the Government when without any proper debate in the Parliament it introduced three farm laws.

       Mitej Teji

The farmers in Punjab were intelligent to understand the reasons behind this introduction so they started a protest in Punjab. The Government showed of no interest thus it progressed to the borders of Delhi and has been ongoing since November 2019.

Since start, the farmer’s protest has been observed worldwide because the Government has ignored their demands. Their claim has always been that these three farm laws are to benefit Ambani and Adhani Corporations but the Government refutes it by saying that they have been introduced for their benefit.

Both parties are locked in a deadlock. The farmers worry is that through these laws the Corporations will eventually take hold of their land and their livelihood. So for their survival, they are arranging protests all over India.

India’s Constitution holds worldwide respect because it promotes equality amongst all the citizens regardless of their caste, culture or gender

Prior to the Indian Constitution, the women in India had no freedom and the inhabitants faced victimisation through caste system. The sole purpose of the caste system was to cause division which in return safeguarded Brahmin supremacy in India. Hatred has been the biggest offset for the native population.

Then Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar came on the scene and he finalised the Indian Constitution in such a way that it has given equal opportunity for all to progress. India under Constitution’s guidance has progressed in every manner but unfortunately, this Government through introduction of Manusmriti is trying to bring back the same era that was prior to Independence.

If Manusmriti happens to take over then with it will come the dawn of Dark Age in India.

The crime, rape and corruption have increased since this Government has taken over in 2014. The rich with vast amount of money are disappearing into foreign counties. There is a big outcry about this but it is falling on deaf ears.

The Government is standing in support of the Corporations and showing of on interest towards welfare of the general public. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.

The Constitution has shortened the gap between the rich and the poor but this Government through amendments is weakening it’s uphold.

Through amendments unconstitutional laws are seeping in, those are in benefit of the Corporations. The Government assets are being sold to Ambani and Adhani at knock down prices and this is quite unconstitutional.

There is a lot of annoyance about this in the public and the opposite parties are also contesting this issue in the Parliament but as to a big BJP majority in the Parliament they are powerless. Now all the eyes are set on the courts in hope they can assist in this matter.

There is a lot of dismay in India because the people have started to realise that by voting Mr. Modi as a Prime Minister, they have made a big mistake. His statement that he comes from a very poor family and if selected he would do all in his power to bring an end to poverty in India. This statement won millions of voters and BJP ended with a landslide victory.

But Mr Modi has made no effort at all to fulfil the promises he had made so now the general feeling is that their trust has been breached by the Government. Therefore, protests against the Government are taking place all around India.

Mr. Modi also assured that he will bring back all the black money resting in the foreign banks and use it for improving conditions in India. Unfortunately the conditions have worsened since BJP has taken over. Now anguish against the Government is at large because the promises have not been fulfilled.

The Valmikians are also not happy with Mr Modi because in his book KARAM YOGI he has insulted them by mentioning that Scavenging and Sweeping for them is God’s blessing. The book has been withdrawn but there are some presenters who are purposely mentioning it in their programmes.

Their intention is to show that they are better than the Valmikians. It regrets to say that they have very limited knowledge about development of the Valmikian religion, if they had than it is quite likely they would not raise it in their programmes.

Gandhi Ji for nearly nine months took shelter in the Bhagwan Valmiki Mandir – Delhi also when Gandhi Ji started death fast, a Valmikian – Chuni Lal Thapper and Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia – a Ravidassian, in oppose to Gandhi Ji sat on death fast.

Pandit Bakshi Ram – a Valmikian was a close associate of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. It was Pandit Bakshi Ram who asked Dr. Ambedkar not to adopt Sikh religion because he told him that the Valmikians who are converting to Sikh religion are being named Majabi Sikh and are graded as lower class Sikh. Also restrictions are imposed on them.

After listening to Pandit Bakshi Ram Ji’s explanation Dr. Ambedkar dropped the idea of converting to Sikh religion.
Finally, we must not forget that in time of need, it was Punjab that stood by the side of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar and this is why two people in oppose to Gandhi Ji sat on death fast in Punjab.
Jai Bharat

– Mitej Teji