Katy Perry was ‘clinically depressed’ after ‘Witness’ album didn’t work

Pop star Katy Perry

Los Angeles, (Asian independent) Pop star Katy Perry has opened up about her “insecure” days after her last album “Witness” (2017) performed below expectation.

The 35-year-old revealed she was left clinically depressed after the release as she realised she had placed a lot of weight on getting validation for her music, reports metro.co.uk.

“Coming out of ‘Witness’, which was my last album, I became very upset and clinically depressed,” she said during a recent interview.

“I became very insecure and had to go on a journey, both emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically to understand why I relied so much on validation. I had to realise that everything related to my career isn’t all of what life is, it’s just a part of who I am.”

Working through her issues helped her to create her upcoming album.

She continued: “This new record is a real snapshot of resilience, which is my favourite word, because I’ve been writing it over the past two years. I really went through that journey and a lot of beautiful songs came from it.”

Katy’s next album, the title of which is still to be revealed, will be released on August 14 and will feature the songs she has written over the last two years.