JSW Steel ramping up supplies of medical oxygen

Oxygen cylinder

New Delhi, (Asian independent) JSW Steel said on Sunday that the company is supplying oxygen for medical purposes as a priority in response to the current crises.

“Currently, the supplies are ramped up to over 185 tonnes and making every effort to increase further from all our steel plants across the country,” JSW Steel said.

As per a government statement, the country has been facing an unprecedented surge in the new daily cases of Covid in various states and UTs across the country.

The requirement for medical oxygen is a critical component in the treatment of Covid affected patients.

In view of the recent surge in the country of Covid-19 cases, the requirement of oxygen for effective clinical treatment of Covid patients has also witnessed a manifold hike. Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has conveyed that this has already reached about 60 per cent of the total daily oxygen production, and is expected to rise further. There have been reports of shortage of medical oxygen from some states and UTs.

The Centre has been regularly monitoring and ensuring smooth supply of essential medical equipment including medical oxygen to the affected states and addressing challenges that arise from time to time.

The Empowered Group-II (EG-II) headed by Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT) is mandated by the Centre to manage requisite supplies of medical equipments, drugs including medical oxygen across the country, the statement said.

Several immediate and timely measures have been taken in the recent days by the Centre to address the issue of adequate availability of medical oxygen across the country. While every effort is being made to meet the rising demand for medical oxygen, including augmenting daily production and stocks and States/UTs are taking appropriate steps for optimum and rationalised utilisation of available stock of oxygen, the present trend necessitates additional measures.