Issuing visas to enter Russia to be resumed

New Delhi (Asian Independent)- According to decision of the Russian COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre dated January 16, 2021, the Russian Government issued a directive № 136-r on January 25, 2021, allowing to restore international air traffic on a reciprocal basis with a number of foreign states, including India (flights between Moscow and New Delhi are expected to be operated twice a week).

In this regard, issuing of visas of all categories (including student visa) to enter Russia via air checkpoints is resumed for the Indian citizens, as well as for persons who have a residence permit. Please, note that issuance of e-visa is temporarily suspended until an appropriate directive of the Russian Government.

We would like to emphasize the need to obtain in addition to the standard packet of the required documents (list of them is posted on the Embassy’s website –, and website of the Russian Visa Centres in India – a valid medical document confirming negative results of the laboratory PCR test for COVID-19.