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Iran must compensate the families

     Dr Rahul Kumar – Senior Correspondent

Ukraine aircraft having 176 people on board was shot down by a young Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps technician who thought he was shooting down an American drone. The Iranian government lied about it for three days but later on accepted the mistake.

This shooting by the Iranian guard has sent a shocking waves to the countries whose citizens were on board.  Canadian government raised a serious concern over 30 Canadian citizens who died in the incident. Other governments  also followed suit with the Iran government that lost its citizens.  In this particular case, Iranian guard out of anger against the American government might have shot the passenger aircraft. This incident cannot be considered a natural disaster but man-made.

Almost all countries in the world have missiles and drones in their military stock. Million of passengers travelling by air  are always on the radar of such missiles and drones. The governments having such huge cache of missiles and drones should keep such dangerous military stuff under strict control. Every Tom, Dick  and Harry should not be allowed to have the access to use such dangerous items against innocent human beings. Aviation experts say that in a world of high  technology and speed such fatal incident might occur in future too if the respective governments do not exercise great caution.

Now, the questions remains why should innocent families who have lost their nears and dears suffer on account of fight between US-Iran. Iran government should be held responsible for this incident. The families who lost their nears and dears deserve financial compensation from the Iran government.