Inzamam backs Kohli, says there’s nothing to worry

Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq

Lahore,  Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq has backed Virat Kohli, saying he has nothing to worry about and will come back stronger after the Indian captain failed to score runs in the New Zealand series which ended on Monday.

India lost the two-Test series 0-2 with Kohli averaging just 9.50. The premier batsman in the world had scores of 2, 19, 3 and 14 as his charges lost by big margins in both Tests to return red-faced.

“A lot of people are talking about Kohli’s technique and so on. I am amazed by all this talk. He has scored 70 centuries in international cricket, how can you question his technique,” Inzamam said in his Youtube channel.

“As a cricketer, I can say that players will encounter a phase when despite his best efforts, runs do not come. (Mohammad) Yusuf had a high backlift, it used to come from gully. When his bad form came, people started questioning his technique. When he came to me, I asked him how did you score so many runs with the same technique?

“The team is not performing. If Kohli is failing, what about the other players? This is just part and parcel of the game and it should be accepted in that particular way,” said the former Pakistan batsman.

Inzamam also said that Kohli does not need to make any changes to his batting technique. “No need to worry, this phase will pass. Don’t even want to talk about technique. Virat should not change his technique, he is a strong minded player, he should not be hassled. He will make a strong comeback,” said Inzamam.