(Asian Independent)- Last year, during these days, Indians were virtually under virus siege. Prime Minister Narinder Modi on March 25 clamped a nationwide curfew along with lockdown to save the nation from Covid-19 as a last resort and publicised as a strong step of his Government ahead of other countries. Whereas preventive measures were required before the visit of Mr Donald Trump on 24th February 2020 but that would have been politically incorrect as per his calculations. World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned the nations to be alert in view of the fast spreading virus and review their medical preparedness for the same. It also issued few symptoms of the infected patients and Standard Operating guidelines for the public to curb its speed in the absence of any effective vaccine. Mainly three additions to daily life were wearing Mask, washing hands after every outing and Physical distancing at crowded public places. WHO also explained how this virus would reach lungs and create shortage of Oxygen in the body and ultimately become final cause of death. But it NEVER recommended lockdown. Each Government took it in their own way. Western World analysed the situation medically and did not jump to Lockdowns. They closed their Airports to check infected tourists. They also imposed restrictions on their Citizens’ travel to other countries especially to China, hither to declared as a ‘Villain’ of the Corona film. Medical Scientists of UK,USA and other Advanced Countries joined their heads to understand the virology of the pandemic, its nature, chemical reactions and its difference from other prevailing viruses. Surprisingly, Indian ruling party found opportunity to complete their hidden Agenda to formulate new labour and farming laws to please those corporates who funded Mr Modi’s election campaign.

Indian electronic media created phobia for the public minds already forcefully packed in the houses. ’Social distancing’ word which is normally attached to the patients suffering from communicable diseases was a new ‘normal’ in routine conversations. This campaign was creation of political minds and was propagated with pre-designed motives. This country was not aptly equipped with the stock of Antiviral medicines. Along with medicines, vaccine production in India was also under consideration. Prime Minister Modi desperately wanted to encash the declaration of this Vaccine, on the Independence Day i.e. August 15, 2020. But to his dismay, he had to bow before the ethics of medical science. Later on he personally visited two major laboratories chosen for the same. During this period, farmers were protesting against the Agro-laws at the borders of Delhi. PM did not show any sympathetic concern to them. Free distribution of vaccine to Bihar state was agenda of BJP in Assembly Election to lure the voters. Like Pfizer and AstraZeneca in Europe, India produced Covashield and Covaxin within one year. Covashield has completed the required four trial stages whereas the second one is yet to complete third cycle. Even though Covaxin is allowed for inoculation for emergency use. Its producer Lab has given the guarantee to indemnify the loss if caused by it. The major question here lies why to put life of the public at risk when medical scientists prescribe completion of four trials of any vaccine on human beings. Another Drama of ‘Dry Run’ was also played to create favourable public opinion. Online registration and waiting period propaganda was largely done to create rush. Pictures of Prime Minister and state CMs getting jabs are daily shown on TV and newspapers. Even this practice is projected as “ World’s biggest Vaccination Campaign”. Boring and terrifying Phone ringtones presenting vaccine as life saving panacea is unwillingly digested. Conflicting views of Doctors not recommending Covaxin are also available on social media. There is atmosphere of both consternation and hesitation in public minds. Medical Scientists and Doctors’ Associations recommend longer gap between two jabs whereas Govt controlled media is asking second dose after 28 days. Recently a spurt in cases of corona infection have been reported despite first or even second dose of vaccine. Then next jumla came saying, ‘Vaccine provides better immunity and helps in reducing emergency.’ It clearly means that Governments are working under hidden Agendas of bigger corporates to spread confusion and indecision in masses. If Corona vaccination is not a safeguard against virus then why all these frightening slogans, wastage of taxpayer’s money on false advertisements and ringtones and all this hue and cry.

Paradoxically Assembly elections are normally going on in Eastern and Southern states and Central Cabinet Ministers including Mr Narinder Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are openly addressing big rallies and road shows throwing all corona restrictions to winds. Whereas few states’ statistics show medical emergency due to increase in new cases of revised Strain of Covid 19 putting various measures like night curfew, gathering of minimum persons at funerals and marriages. Constant apprehension about Lockdown in public mind is scary. Beginning of Vaccination program even at Distt level, increase in no. of cases than corresponding period of last year, closing of schools and colleges, shortening business timings but allowing Wine and Beer sale outlets up to midnight, curfew from 11pm to 5am, allowing political and farmers’ rallies for thousands of people without mask speak something fishy about the sincerity of the governance. Reports also find inclusion of deaths by others disease in the Corona account. Health being a state subject is totally controlled by Central government for dubious reasons. Against the target of 300 million doses in the first phase, only little above 30 million persons turned up. Surprisingly 7.8 million completed the second dose.

Finally it is explicitly clear that Vaccination campaign is a misleading adventure at the hands of politicians. Public mind is confused on its efficacy, safety, side effects and impact on heath, economic and social life. Students are the worst sufferers for two academic sessions. Underlying point is as to why medical community does not comment on the reality about Covid. Why does political syndicate without medical literacy decide on such international matters concerning the life and death of masses. Doubts about mind, money and men control by the world mafia seem to turning true.

– R. K. Singh
Bureau Chief

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