India under Modi and the worst condition of the weaker sections

Rahul Kumar, Senior Journalist and Media Columnist

Four years of Narendra Modi government in India is the worst period in the life of the weaker sections of the society. From mob lynching to curtailing jobs, the BJP and the party leaders left no stone unturned to suppress the members of the weaker sections of the society. It is unfortunate that Modi and Shah did not pay attention toward the welfare of the weaker sections except empty rhetoric.  As everyone knows that Modi achieved political power with the help of the Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) and its other affiliates on false promises which unfortunately every citizen of the country believed him. But Modi and Shah both betrayed the people of India especially the members of the weaker sections of the society.  Today, all members of religious minorities feel intimidated and marginalized under Modi government. The leaders of the BJP leave no opportunity to suppress and segregate the members of the religious minorities.

 Recently, a book edited by John Dayal, Leena Dabiru and Shabnam Hashmi entitled: “DISMANTLING INDIA” shows the true picture of India under Modi. The authors focus on this aspect of the Modi Sarkar, where the myths, biases stereotypes are being promoted; giving encouragement to people to take the law in their hands and to unleash the violence and intimidation against weaker sections of society. John Dayal in a hard hitting, piece; ‘Lynching and other Consequences of Hate’ shows the mirror to the society on the issues of rising violence. Violence is not spontaneous, it is an outcome of spread of misconceptions and the consequent Hate imposed on the society.  The data of various authenticated reports reveal a true picture of dismantled India by Modi and the BJP.

Health: Health is the area where most of the members of the weaker sections of the society suffer due to financial capacity. It is a common knowledge that the members of the weaker sections of the society are not in a position to avail expensive private medical services, therefore, the majority people belonging to the weaker sections of the society depend on government health care services. Today, the data reveals by the Lancet is shocking. India`s ranks 145th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of health care services, behind its neighbours like China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Education: Education is the tool with the help of which the members of the weaker sections of the society can uplift their socio-economic status. Under Modi, the education not only safrronised but also the many scholarships meant for the welfare of these sections have permanently been stopped. From Smrit Irani to Prakash Javadekar, the education policy remain anti-weaker sections. The BJP ministers curtailed scholarships meant for the weakers sections. Privatization of education is promoted by the BJP Ministers. Under Modi government, the bulk of the educated youths are unemployable by the industry despite Skill India Flagship programme. Both Human Resources Ministers(HRD) of the government of India never took serious steps to upgrade the ranking of Indian universities. Shri Prakash Javadekar, most of the time, is found engaged in UGC ditktats which has been playing havoc in the education system of India.

Year % of Budget % of GDP
2013-14 4.57 0.63
2014-15 4.14 0.55
2015-16 3.75 0.50
2016-17 3.65 0.49
2017-18 3.71 0.47

Source: Ministry of Human Resource Development

Bank Defaulters

Under Modi government, neither black money was brought back to India out of which Modi wanted to give Rs 15,00,000 to each citizen of the country nor 9339 wilful defaulters having looted more than 111,738 crore of Indian banks. Today, Vijay Mallya sitting in United Kingdom is playing a game with the Modi government. I have not seen such a weak Prime Minister in the world who is unable to exercise any diplomatic relations with the UK government. Modi government knew it very well that Vijay Mallya is capable to hire renowned lawyers to fight his court case. Shame on India and Modi government when such a defaulter is smearing the name of India by asking sun light and air in the Indian jail.


Modi came to power by promising that he will provide 1 crore jobs in a year but in four years his government could provide only 2.05 lakhs jobs. The unemployment rate was 3.14 in 2014, increased to 6.23 in 2018. Let us ask Modi and his chamchas where are the jobs? Let us Modi and his chamchas what will happen to the graduates who are running from pillar to post. Modi as he claims that he sold Tea in the trains before he become Prime Minister of India. He is alluding the same to the unemployed youths of India.

Loss to the GDP due violence in India

Under Modi government violence among Hindu – Muslim grown exponentially; partly due to RSS anti- Muslim agenda and partly due to Brahmin Sadhus who spewed poison against Muslims and other religious minorities. According to Hansraj, the Union Minister of State for Home, around 822 incidents of communal violence took place. In congress rule, people abetting and aiding communal fringe elements were either suppressed or were not allowed to commit crime on the innocent and armless people of the country. It is a shameful for Modi government when we read a report saying violence cost nearly $ 1.2 trillion (80.1 trillion) in constant exchange rate, or 9 percent of its GDP( Institute for economics and Peace, Sydney Australia). Under Modi government, killings of innocent Muslims increased manifold.

Year No of soldiers died
2013 61
2014 51
2015 41
2016 88
2017 71


Year No of Deaths
2010 0
2011 0
2012 1
2013 1
2014 3
2015 12
2016 24
2017 37

Source: Government of India (Data Collated from various government Ministries)

The irony is that despite colossal damage done by Modi and the BJP to the social and economic structure of the country, the so-called intelligent people of the country who are running big Think Tank in the country have been eulogizing the works of Modi government. They are not tired by saying that Modi has brought India to the world map; they are not tired of saying that India under Modi has maintained good relations with the neighboring countries. Remember it, this is the only class in India are showering praise on Modi. Such intelligent people of the country are doing to achieve their vested interests. They are equally responsible for the bad situation of the country today. They also deserve equal punishment. Shame on such pseudo Nationalists!

    By- Rahul Kumar, Senior Journalist, and Media Columnist