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– Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Mandal Commission Report was accepted by the National Front government led by Prime minister V.P Singh on August 7th, 1990. It created a storm all over the country and attempt were made to thwart it. The BJP started the Ayodhya movement after that. Mandal brought wider change in the political spectrum of the country particularly Uttar Pradesh and Bihar where leadership shifted to OBCs and Dalits. Lalu Yadav was considered to be the biggest leader emerged after that. On this occasion, we organised a panel discussion with eminent Social Activist and writer Ms Tahira Hasan, Mr Sanjeev Chandan, author and editor Streekal and Mr Arun Kumar. The Marginalised Publication has brought out a book on the compilation of speeches of Lalu Prasad Yadav in Bihar Assembly as well as in Parliament. The book is in Hindi language. The book : Sadan me Lalu Prasad : Pratinidhi Bhashan’ is an important introduction to all those who are interested to know the political history of social justice movement post 1990 particularly in Bihar and how Lalu Yadav’s is not merely a politicians of grassroots but can easily be called as master communicator. This book can be ordered on Amazon too and also through The Marginalised Publications.

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