In Conversation with Shrichandra Mehrol

(Asian Independent)
This conversation was recorded several years back at the behest of late Rajni Tilak ji. She was fond of my conversations and considered them very important for the preservence of the oral history of the Ambedkarite movement. According to her, there were many persons who had worked a lot for the communities yet remained unknown to a large number of people since they were not social media savy. The conversation was recorded as Rajani’s house where she was recording the conversation and I was speaking to Mehrol Saheb. In between, you can hear Rajani ji, intervening in between and the conversation became lively.
Thank you Rajani ji. I remember you and your encouragement. The desire to record a conversation with Rajani Tilak ji could not be fulfilled because of her untimely passing away but this conversation give us a glimpse of her work.
Mehrol Saheb hailed from Garhmukteshwar, a western Uttar Pradesh Kisan belt where the most powerful leader among the Ambedkarite was B P Maurya. Mahrol Saheb’s own experiences with these leaders are here. As he was a politician who worked for nearly forty fifty years, he had a lot of things to share and I never stopped him sharing. I respected his right as these are his experiences.
Here is the link for complete conversation
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