In Conversation with Mr Bruce Moore

(Asian Independent)

-Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Bruce H. Moore is a civil society activist, former United Nations Diplomat and NGO Executive Director. Most recently, Bruce has served on the Boards of Transparency International Canada; the Institute for Global Food Security at McGill University; Canadians for Tax Fairness, the Forum for Democratic Global Governance and the Huairou Commission, an international alliance of grassroots women’s organizations. From 2013 in Moscow through 2018 he was a member of the C20, the civil society consultative body to the G20. He was the first Director of the Rome-based International Land Coalition from 1998-2008, a global alliance of civil society, UN and intergovernmental organisations working to enable poor rural families to gain their land and resource rights. Earlier, 1973 to 1998, he was a director with CHF Partners in Rural Development, a Canadian NGO in support of developing country farmers and rural peoples organizations. He has chaired the NGO Advisory Committee to the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development; served on the International Executive of the Society for International Development; chaired policy dialogues during the UN Commission on Sustainable Development; and served on the Commission on the Legal Empowerment of the Poor. Closer to home, Bruce is the President of the North Frontenac Lake Association Alliance, a forum where 21 lake associations engage with other rural residents to educate and advocate for environmentally sustainable development.
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