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Do not say “It doesn’t matter” about anything, for everything matters. Everything is important, even the tiniest thing. Explore your feelings.

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Ever since the sad and untimely demise of the very talented and young, Sushant Singh Rajput, the bitter reality of ‘Depression’ dawned upon us once again. IIW (Inspiring Indian Women) decided to get together a group of experts as well as people who were willing to be available to hear people anytime, any day, just a call away to whoever felt low. We also felt that in this year of the pandemic with restrictions and so many around needed an outlet to chat together, laugh, understand each other, and hear people, give them a space to express themselves. Thus, began the journey of only 20 min session every day from 29th June every weekday at 7.00 pm on Zoom as well as on all IIW social media platforms. What began only for 15 days soon caught on popularity and had to be extended further for another 15 days and finally ended with a session on sharing recipes for healthy eating on 30th July. For a month we kept several people engaged and involved. The demand to keep continuing has been constant, since we took a break after a month. The ‘Here to Hear; family had grown, bonded and connected with each other.

We started with an intro session on Monday 29th June, just an introduction of what depression was and the purpose of the programme. Alpa Kotecha from Netherlands who had initially given the idea of initiating a programme to help those suffering silently along with Darshana Shah the Host of each  session for the entire one month show and various other experts came on Zoom for a heart to heart chat on the topic.

Tuesday, on 30th June we had Bhoomi Thaker – Healing Hands of Bhoomi (Reiki Healing, Reiki master teacher, crystal healing, Access BARS, Angel cards reading, personalised crystal grids, guided meditation)

Wednesday 1st July, Prasanna kabade spoke about Bach flower therapy and its benefits to heal depression.

Thursday, 2nd July Ayurvedic practitioner B.A.M.S. Member of APA Consultation, Rajashree Vyas spoke about diet and lifestyle advise, Herbal remedies, Therapeutic treatments & YogaTopic: Ayurveda’s perspective on mental health and emotional well-being “ancient wisdom of health and healing”.

Friday 3rd July, Jyoti Joshi a Certified Yog & Pranayam instructor (14 years) – trained at Patanjali Yog Peeth Haridwar – by PP Swami Ramdevji & Ayurvedic insight by Acharya Balkrishna ji gave a Short Chat on the ‘Art of Corrective Breathing’ – Pranayam, it’s effect and making the Practice of Yog a ‘Way of life’.

Monday, 6th July, Purva Joshi, an MBA from UK, a Choreographer, Meditation and Motivational Speaker from Mumbai spoke about the reasons for depression and how performing Arts can help the silent sufferer to come out.

Tuesday, 7th July Rotarian Shagufta Hamid -Khan, a registered diagnostic Radiology Health professional. CMF lead/ Chairperson for Mental health & wellbeing of communities. She represented Rotarians for Mental Health wellbeing.

Wednesday, 8th July, Darshana Shah, a poet and an Author spoke about Meditation Sudarshan Kriya & One2One coaching, Coach and Art of Living Faculty

Thursday, 9th July, Kalpana Doshi, Guided Meditation Laughter Yoga Therapist (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader). People from all over the world joined and it garnered huge popularity.

Friday, 10th July, Dr Minha Rajput Ray MBChB Bsc Med ND – Integrated medicine for pain, chronic diseases, and work health. On Nutrition and health as well. Topic – Men’s Health Masterclass: What can women do to spot commonly missed medical conditions and how to encourage male family members to making better health choices.

Monday, 13th July, Sangita Modi – motivation/ affirmation, reiki/ energy healing, crystal ball, pendulum, angel cards, transcending entities, House cleansing, Counselling, and support. Her talk on affirmations was well received.

Tuesday, 14th July, Sangeeta Bhandari Certified Yoga instructor & Yoga Therapist, follower and trained by the Tirumalai Krishnamacharya yoga classes demonstrated meditation techniques.

Wednesday, 15th July, Soniya Singh-Owner of a Travel company / Wellness Retreats, spoke about different packages to get out of depression.

Thursday, 16th July, Anjie Chaapia Co-Research /Peer Support Practitioner (UCL-Cambridge-Imperial) spoke on Loneliness and Mental Health.

Friday, 17th July, Nimit Shisodia-Session on “Depression – Cause, Impact & Holistic Therapies” The Reiki Master also spoke on how Reiki has helped in curing depression.

20th July Monday, Shreeti Magdani shared knowledge on crystals and Gemstones healing. She is also an expert on Vedic astrology and Puranic Oracle Readings

21st July Tuesday we had almost 2 hours session on ‘Domestic Abuse and Emotional support’ with the experts in this field were, Seema Dhanak – with 15 years of experience of working in various local authorities in UK , specialising in domestic abuse, homelessness, mental health and community safeguarding. Kashmira Kalsi – 16 years of experience working with victims of domestic abuse and other mental health conditions like bereavement, anxiety, misuse of substance. Geeta Shah – Founder of Women 2 Women Diamond, one of the oldest groups started much before the arrival of social media. She has herself gone through it and has been a crusader since then. Purva Joshi an MBA graduate spoke about the struggles of women in India facing such situations and how to tackle it there. This episode garnered more than 4000 views on Facebook and still the most sought out.

22nd July, Wednesday, Parin Somani, International Academic Scholar, visiting resource person (UGC), Author of 11 books and Global Peace Ambassador for England. As a Speaker for Global Education and mental wellness spoke about how depression needs to be tackled with sensitivity and care, not to be taken lightly.

23rd July, Thursday was an opportunity to join Online Free Sujok Talk.  The Session was conducted by ISA Authorised Lecturer SJT Magha Deshpande Tripathi. She emphasised on being your own doctor learn Self-Healing Techniques. Sujok therapy is based on acupressure and colours and is very effective alternate therapy to cure problems like BP, Asthma, Vertigo, Migraine as well as very effective to cure mental depression.

27th July, Monday, Lavanya P Chezhian Mandala Art session for soul refreshing and wellbeing. She is a professional Mandala artist and wellness guide. She teaches various forms of Mandala and wishes to spread the immense benefit, spiritual significance of mandala to others for Self-Healing to look-within and get more awareness within you and around you.

We continued further and had a very special session 28th July. The eminent Guests for this special session were the Power Couple Mr Ravi Bhanot and Mrs Sushma Bhanot Researcher, Authors and Entrepreneurs! Running Company called Cool Herbals and promoting Ayurveda and running an Ayurveda college in UK. Dr Rachna Bansal, Consultant Psychiatrist working for the National Health Service in England since last 17 years. Prof Dr Mandeep Singh from India, a spiritual scientist who teaches meditations and spirituality in India. Dr Renu Raj, a prominent Lawyer – Founder CEO of Law Firm Radanks , a legal firm, an international accredited Mediator and motivational speaker!

29th July, Thursday, Yoga Guru, Dipak Jashapara– Holistic wellness spoke how a Champi (Massage) can revitalize blood circulation and thus help in good health!! The benefits of “4 massages” and gave the demonstration of massages as well. Mr Dipak is a social Worker, highly qualified and practising Health Professional in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

And on 30th July, this ‘Here to Hear’ family decided to go for a lighter atmosphere with Antakshari fun hosted by Anjana Thaker. Many joined in and felt rejuvenated over singing and letting it go.

Finally, our last session of Heart 2 Heart as some call it now instead of Here 2 Hear was on HEALTHY EATING with the Fantastic Chefs displaying their culinary skills!! Manjulika Singh and Her Daughter from Scotland, Nikita, and her Nani Rama, Purva Joshi and her Brother and Rajashree Vyas and her daughters – from benefits of Kale to Quinoa to Oats and very tasty baked Kenyan dish Barazi (Gungo/Pigeon peas in coconut milk) with Mahamri /Mandazi (triangle cardamom spiced bread)!!

These dynamic, ground-breaking sessions which was telecast Live on all IIW (Inspiring Indian Women) social platforms opened several avenues and gave an insight of who you can talk to and not bottle it up!!


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