IIT students develop digital health system for remote areas

IIT Guwahati.

Guwahati, (Asian independent) Two research scholars of IIT Guwahati have submitted an idea of a benchtop digital setup integrated with an algorithm to record initial screening parameters like body temperature, pulse rate, eye and tongue analysis of a patient remotely.

Both Mitali Basak (a third-year PhD student) and Shirsendu Mitra (former PhD student) have been recognised for an entry to the global Charm Health Innovation Challenge.

Charm Health Innovation Challenge is a Digital Healthcare focused technology competition organised by two California-based organisations, ‘Charm Health’ and ‘iValley’.

They have participated in the competition under the category of “Student Innovators” and submitted the idea.

The device developed by the scholars is capable of remotely doing primary health check-up. Further a robust algorithm along with cloud interfacing is expected to enable the device to store large volumes of health data for future benefit.

The winners of this challenge would be decided after submission of a prototype based on the proposed innovation.

Basak and Mitra are working on the prototype which is expected to be ready within the next four months.

This innovation challenge includes a cash prize of $2500 for the top two winners. Apart from this, once the winning innovation is fully developed, its commercialisation would be taken forward by the organisers.

Charm Health Innovation Challenge is a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative technological solutions and new business models of healthcare, Artificial Intelligence assisted patient care and remote monitoring incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AI/VR) and Natural language processing (NLP), wearables and devices.

The challenge is to identify a focus area from Telehealth and Telemedicine, Digital Therapeutics and New Business Models, Tech-Led Innovations, Healthcare Analysis, Health, Billing and Fitness, and submit a written proposal of the solution.