Huma Qureshi disses airport looks trend

Mumbai: Actress Huma Qureshi at the "Zoom Holi Party" in Mumbai on March 2, 2018. (Photo: IANS)

Mumbai,   Actress Huma Qureshi is not in favour of the airport looks trend.

The actress spoke about it when she became part of TV show “Vh1 Inside Access”, read a statement from the channel.

When given a choice to choose between ‘Drab outfit to the airport’ or ‘Going to the red carpet without her hair done’, the actress said: “Who the hell invented the airport look? I just want to know that. Like why are people so dressed up in heels and jackets and blow-dried hair and red lipstick, where are they going?

“What’s happening? Do you know how much you have to walk? Do you know how uncomfortable it is? Like why are we doing this to ourselves girls? Like why?”

On the work front, Huma will soon be seen with superstar Rajinikanth in “Kaala”.


Ali to help youth save money

Actor Ali Fazal, who has updated his Instagram bio to “tech evangelist”, has partnered with his childhood friend for an app which is like a savings assistant for the youth.

Ali has joined hands with his buddy Ankit Kumar, who has created the ‘Balance’ app, described as a savings assistant for the “urban broke” millennial to save up money and grow it better than a traditional bank account.

The “Victoria & Abdul” actor said in a statement: “The world is changing and people love pushing buttons. We want something quick and easy and we don’t want middlemen handling that for us.

“This app will help shape a better future for the current lot and the next lot of young entrepreneurs, individuals, artists, corporates, students, even under-age students, school kids, you name them. I got on board this app as one of the partners and shareholders. And we look forward to bring this in with the tide of this new season.”


Jackky forays into cricket space

Jackky Bhagnani, who is passionate about sports and fitness, has partnered with a cricket team which is part of the newly-launched Mumbai T20 League.

The franchise-based Mumbai T20 League comprises of six cricket teams from Mumbai.

Jackky is a team partner with Arcs Andheri, one of the six teams.

The actor said in a statement: “I love playing cricket and have always been actively involved in various kinds of sports. The T20 game format has gained tremendous momentum in the last couple of years because of its crisp format, making it extremely entertaining for the viewers as well as for the players who have the opportunity and challenge to score a maximum number of runs in a shorter time as compared to a 50-overs match.

“This game format has been growing by the day and I think it makes complete sense to encourage and support such games which open new avenues for players as well as the ones organising it.”