HSVP – The Most Corrupt

By – Dr Kumar . R, Senior Correspondent

Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran(HSVP) previously known as HUDA works under the Haryana government. HSVP is responsible to allot residential and commercial plots. For this purpose, HSVP advertises plots under different categories. The HSVP buys land from the farmers by paying them adequate financial compensation. Under the congress government in 2004 plots were advertised by the HSVP(HUDA) in the national dailies for sector 57 Gurugram and people accordingly  applied. The residential plots were allotted to the applicants through a draw. HSVP issued letters  to the successful applicants to make payment accordingly. HSVP also permitted some of the plot owners construction on the plot. After few years, the farmers filed a lawsuit against the HSVP claiming higher compensation for their land since the land price went up. Accordingly, HSVP sent letters to the plot owner demanding more money. Two heavy installments were imposed on the plot owners and they were asked to pay. The plot owners paid to the HSVP and retained the plots. After few years the farmers again filed a lawsuit in the court for more financial compensation. When refused by HSVP, the farmers got court and HSVP cancelled the plots.

In 2008, the HSVP again held a draw. Some of the owners whose residential plots were cancelled they got plot through a draw. From 2008 to 2017 HSVP did not offer possession to the plot owners. The reasons are best known to the HSVP officials.

In 2018 HSVP offered physical possession to some of the plot owners in sector 57 Gurugram. Those who took possession after making final payment started construction in sector 57 Gurugram. One pocket in sector 57 Gurugram where there is still dispute between farmers and HSVP the plot owners are suffering. In this pocket where more than 100 plots were allotted the owners were allowed to start construction by HSVP. The owners followed all rules and regulations and started construction. All of sudden one day the farmer stood up against HSVP and got court stay order on the same pocket in sector 57 Gurugram.

Some of the plot owners were interviewed. A female aged 54 years old explained, “ I  took physical possession of the plot in sector 57 gurugram and paid all required fee to the HSVP for construction. Construction was started on the plot allotted to me. After three months, I read in the newspaper that the farmers got court stay on the land for want of more financial compensation. I had to stop construction in the middle. I have been visiting the HSVP office in Gururram but no answer is given by the officials. My dream of making a home has been shattered. I waited for 12 years for the same plot but all in vain”.

A male 35 years old described his experience, “I was allotted a plot by HSVP in 57 sector Gurugram. My plot was cancelled. I was allotted again but still facing court stay. HSVP is the most corrupt agency in Haryana. The nexus between farmers and lawyers are wrecking hovel in the life of plot owners. HSVP legal department does not take any active initiative when there is court stay. Not only this, they are happy since they want maximum number of people should abandon their plots so that their nears and dears could buy them”.

The farmers got court stay in March 2019 and still it is going on. Neither the Chief Minister of Haryana nor the officials of HSVP taking any genuine interest to resolved this issue. The BJP government in Haryana is no different than the Congress government. Khattar government is playing the politics of vote bank. People are suffering. HSVP officials are corrupt. They are hand in glove with the nexus of farmers and lawyers. Owners of the plots have been writing to the Chief Minister of Haryana but nothing is moving.

In the light of the above scenario, the international and national future buyers are instructed not to risk their money in buying residential plots from the HSVP.