​Harjeet Singh Music Bursary

(Asian Independent)- The Harjeet Singh Music Bursary was set up as a legacy of the forty years of teaching music by Harjeet Ji. He was a music educationalist based in Manchester and spent his life teaching and promoting Indian Classical Music. Harjeet Ji was part of the World Music Service and was a pioneer in introducing Indian Classical Music to mainstream education. His work also included collaborations with western orchestral pieces and visited St Petersburg to work with Russian musicians.

The Bursary aims to support aspiring musicians in their musical journey. The Bursary has already made 3 awards which include two sitars and one table since it was established in January of 2022 and the feedback from both the recipients and supporters has been exceptional.

Harjeet Ji was also passionate about instruments and on many occasions would repair instruments so accessibility was available to students. As part of the Bursary is the encouragement for the donation of instruments, Harjeet Ji would often comment that instruments that were not being used were a waste and that instruments needed to be in the hands of those who want to learn. To date, the Bursary has been donated with thirteen pairs of tablas, three santoors, and five sitars.

If you would like help to obtain an instrument for your journey and learn more about the Bursary visits www.harjeetsinghmusicbursay.org and fill out an application.

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