Gujarat sets target to vaccinate 3 lakh people everyday

Gandhinagar, (Asian independent) Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced on Thursday that the state will administer Covid-19 vaccine doses to around 3 lakh people everyday starting Friday.

Provisions have been made in 1,200 vaccination centres across the state to vaccinate those in the 18-44 age category, the Chief Minister said.

The core committee headed by Rupani also took a decision to vaccinate the 18-44 age category in the entire state. Vaccination of the said category was functional in only 10 major cities of the state till Thursday.

Rupani said, “The state is committed to vaccinate majority of the people to curb the spread of Covid-19. For this purpose, more than 1,200 vaccination centres will be functional in the tehsils and districts in Gujarat for the 18 to 44 years age category.

“According to this programme, around 2.25 lakh youth will be vaccinated free of charge from Friday. All those who have registered themselves will be intimated for the time, place and date for vaccination through SMS. Moreover, around 75,000 in the above 45 age group will also get vaccinated for free everyday in the state.”

“Looking at the overwhelming response and enthusiasm among the youth to get vaccinated, we have taken this decision to innoculate majority of them across the state from Friday. For this, the state government has ordered over 3 lakh doses of vaccine. With the help of the Central government, the state has vaccinated over 18 lakh youth in Gujarat till now,” added Rupani.

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