Gujarat Haat – Navratri shopping came with a Gujarati twist this week


Organised by Party Guru Events and Entertainments- HDFC sponsored event saw traders, designers and vendors from India and London showcasing products suitable for the Garba festive season as well.

From Chaniya Choli and Indian dresses to vibrant jewellery items like earings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets and bangles shoppers were able to choose their favourites for Navratri.

Held at the Pinner Village Hall, the event ran through the mid September weekend.

There were many accessories for the ladies to accompany their Navratri outfits, snacks from local sweet shops as well as from an Ice Cream joint, there were sessions of Reiki, Facepainting, Henna and anything your heart desires.

Saree lovers were also spoilt for choice with the variety from numerous Indian states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and South India. The cultural show added on the mood of the Event with it’s performances by audiences, shoppers, kids, dance choreographers Nina Darmeci and Monika Agrawal and amateur singers along with Live Diwali Mithai demo by Jyoti Shah.

Manasi Adholiya, owner and planner at Party Guru Events said, “the goal was to make the shopping experience appeal to all Navratri  shoppers”.

“We wanted to create the Navratri mood for shoppers here and that is why we planned it at the request of many,” she said, “looking at the response and the slashing sales the shoppers have given to my stall holders, I will have to move to a bigger venue for Gujarat Haat 2019.”

“India is a big country with a huge number of products that will appeal to the local market. However, only 10% has penetrated into the UK market so far. So the scope is humongous!!

Manasi Adholiya said she was happy to see the Exhibitions industry growing and is proud to see many local traders participating in Events like Eid, Navratri and Diwali.

“It is great to see that Party Guru has successfully created so many first time entrepreneurs by giving them this exposure and boost but I would like to see more.