Guest Teachers of Delhi University are starving

Assistant Professor Aarti Rani Prajapati

(Asian Independent)

*Aarti Rani Prajapati* speaks to *Abhay Kumar*
*On the Plight of Guest Teachers of Delhi University*
Guest Teachers have got *no payment for years*.
Many of them have *no money to buy butter and bread and pay room-rent*.
Neither administration of #DelhiUniversity nor the teachers’ union has any concern for them.
Why have guest teachers denied voting right?
Have they been reduced to *new slaves* in “the largest” democracy of the world?
Can India become a “Vishva Guru” (the leader in the field of education and knowledge) if its teachers are made to *starve*?
Please watch this discussion and speak up against exploitation and unjust system.
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Please *circulate* if you consider the cause just.