Goldstone-BYD launches full electric feeder bus

New Delhi,   Automobile manufacturer Goldstone-BYD on Tuesday launched its full electric feeder bus ‘eBuzz K6′, which can cover over 200 km in a single charge.

According to the company, the first five of “eBuzz K6” will be exported to Nepal before being introduced in India and later exported to other neighboring countries.

The electric bus is manufactured in India by Goldstone Infratech in a strategic tie-up with BYD Auto Industry Co.

“Our focus has not only been to ‘Make in India’ but also ‘Made for India’ to meet the requirements of our diversity in the landscapes and terrains of the country,” Goldstone Infratech’s Executive Director Naga Satyam was quoted as saying in a statement.

“We have covered significant ground in meeting the requirements of several states in the country and being the supplier of choice for Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, amongst others. Our proven ability to build customised, robust, yet sophisticated electric buses with utmost passenger comfort will enable us to meet the requirements of markets abroad too.”

As per the statement, “eBuzz K6” can consistently run at 80 km per hour and is equipped with an advanced “Li-ion Phosphate Battery” ensuring longer lifetime.

“The bus can be driven up to 200 kms in a single charge and the battery can be quickly charged within 3-4 hours through 3 phase AC charging,” the statement said.