Get more wedding guests, shell out Rs 1 lakh fine, warns Raj govt

A small town in Rajasthan fights corona together with 'medical at your doorstep' model

Jaipur, (Asian independent) Amid rising Covid cases, the Rajasthan government on Monday announced strict guidelines for the ongoing lockdown, including a penalty of Rs 1 lakh if the number of guests in a marriage function cross the set limit of 31.

Also, if the time of the function surpasses the set deadline of three hours, another penalty of Rs 1 lakh will be charged.

A Rs 5,000 fine will be charged in case the family gives false information to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate concerned about the marriage function.

It is mandatory for family members to show the wedding film to the SDM when required, said officials.

Among other measures, parks in Jaipur which remained open from 5 a.m to 11 a.m. as announced earlier, will now remain shut in wake of the higher number of cases reported each day.

On Monday, Rajasthan reported 17,296 new Covid cases, taking the active cases to 194,371, while 154 died, taking the toll to 4,712.

The current lockdown shall continue till May 17.

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