Freedom from Worries: Introspection on 74th Indian Independence Day

Professor M.M .Goel

Professor M.M. Goel*

(Asian independent) To enjoy real freedom from the worries in life, we should leave ego of I and mine as introspection on 74th Indian Independence Day when we are victim of the recession in the economy caused by covid crisis. Identify ego as the product of the experience, choice and an idea with what is known for.

One has to use every opportunity for the self-realization as soul which has zero death rate to ensure fearlessness about the death of physical body.

To avoid suffering of all kinds, we have to try our best to escape ego. Avoid entrapping by ego- centric identities for peaceful living.

Understand negative emotions attached to ego-pride, jealously, sense of superiority ( practically inferiority complex) and becoming judgemental on others.

To avoid fear, anxiety and guilt, one should not hesitate to confess the mistakes and apologise as soon as possible.

We have to treat present moment as real for working without worries free from past and future.

We have to understand the limits to growth for the solutions of the entire domain of problems in personal or professional life. One has to inspire self for the fresh perspectives of the existing situations. Use the observation skills to the maximum with the inspiration.

We have to use observation skills to asses any new situation with concentration, Develop new ideas, concepts with fresh perspectives .

Being a native, student, researcher living in Kurukshetra and a disciple of Gita, the heart of  Krishan, I am making honest efforts to understand, analyse, interpret, adopt and promote Bhagvad Gita as ism neutral  religion free treatise on management and welfare economics with lessons for everyone as consumer, producer, distributor and trader .

To move on the ladder of success in every aspect of life with morality, opulence, victory and empowerment, we have to believe that Lord Krishan and Arjun is with us. This is the crux of Bhagvad Gita called Eka Sloki Gita , the last sloka out of 700 slokas in the 18th chapter.

According to sloka no 5 of chapter 06 of Gita “Uddharedaatmanaatmaanam naatmaanamavasaadayet . Aatmaiva hyaatmano bandhuraatmaiva ripuraatmanaha “ (Uplift yourself by yourself, do not deprecate yourself. For only you are your friend, and only you are your enemy).  Lord Krishna gives us a powerful message in this sloka that in order to progress in the spiritual path, in fact, any undertaking, we have to lift ourselves by our own efforts. We are our own friend if we do so, and if we don’t, we become our own enemy. In other words, our success and failure is entirely in our hands. No other person can help or hurt us.  Lord Krishan urges us to gently but firmly bring our mind into control, and orient it towards the intellect and our higher self to enjoy real freedom.

To become good, if not great, one needs to suspect self-more than suspicious of others. Trust begets trust. Nothing is private in present times of social media era. Remain in public domain to get lessons from everything small, experiences as failure is a stepping stone to success. Treat every hurdle as a trail of faith in self as soul. Avoid war of words and blame game. Develop inner strength for facing crisis of any kind and work without worries (www) the real www instead of the virtual www of the present era of everything online.

With best wishes to all on 74th Indian Independence Day !

* Former Vice Chancellor and Needonomist  Professor retired from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Enjoy surfing the website


Spiritually Yours,

Professor Dr.M. M. Goel                                                  

MPhil (Gold Medallist), PhD, PGDJMC (Gold Medallist)

Formerly as:
Vice-Chancellor, JNU, Jaipur

Director, RGNIYD ( Govt. of India)

Pro Vice-Chancellor, V K S U (State University), Ara

 Dean of Colleges & Faculty of Social Sciences, KUK.

Chairman, Dept. of Economics & Dept. of Journalism, KUK

First ICCR Chair Professor of Indian Economy in South Korea at HUFS, Seoul 

Ambassador for Peace by Universal Peace Federation

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