Free rider problem inbuilt in the economy calls for effective implementation of the user pay principle

Professor M.M .Goel

Kurukshetra, (Asian independent)– “To work without worries for Atamnirbhar Bharat, we have  to be  soul conscious as the real education needed today in addition to proper, productive and practical (3P) use of head, heart and hands (3H),” believes, former Vice Chancellor M.M. Goel, retired Professor from Kurukshetra University.

He was addressing online webinar organised by International Chamber for Service Industry today on the topic ‘Needonomics for Atamnirbhar Bharat ’. Dr. Gulshan Sharma, DG-ICSI welcomed and presented citation on the achievements of Prof. Goel.

Free rider problem inbuilt in the economy calls for effective implementation of the user pay principle, told Prof. Goel

The biggest challenge of Atamnirbhar Bharat is overpopulation which must be controlled with public cooperation, believes Prof. Goel.

Atamnirbhar Bharat is an opportunity for getting global leadership including permanent membership of Security Council of UNO without asking for by adopting needonomics and becoming street SMART.

We have to address illness in behaviour of all the stakeholders in the economy including consumers, producers, distributors, traders, policy makers and politicians, told Prof. Goel.

To become vishavguru, we have to learn gurudom of the self as soul with awakening, awareness and alertness, believes, Prof. Goel.

To succeed in our endeavour of Atamnirbhar Bharat, we need faith in the capabilities and capacities with disciplined lifestyle by understanding the power of worship with devotion, told Prof. Goel.


Spiritually Yours,

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