For the comeback from the setback of covid crisis, we have to learn corporate social responsibility as sanskars guided by Maharaja Agrasen: Prof. M. M. Goel

Maharaja Agarsen

Kurukshetra,(Asian independent) “For the comeback from the setback of covid crisis, we have to learn corporate social responsibility(CSR) as sanskars guided by Maharaja Agrasen who was a strong protagonist of spending 25 percent of the incomes on the public wellbeing in the society’, said former Vice Chancellor and needonomist Professor M.M. Goel, retired from Kurukshetra University.

He was addressing the national webinar on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility   :  Lessons of Maharaja Agrasen as Sanskars ‘organised by Maharaja Agrasen Chair Panjabi University Patiala to commemorate his 5144th birth anniversary . Dr. Parmod Aggarwal coordinator of the programme welcomed and introduced Prof. Goel.

To ensure inclusive growth as care for the cared- less and use of the used- less people, the CSR is necessary and sufficient condition, believes Prof. Goel.

The income becomes righteous (satvik) with expenditure on CSR and paying the taxes which are expected to be utilised for public wellbeing, believes Prof. Goel.

The marvellous tradition of giving one coin and brick to any new comer for starting new business to earn a living in Agroha is worth replicating in present times of unemployment and under employment caused by lockdowns, mentioned Prof. Goel.

An icon of non-violence, messenger of peace, Maharaja Agrasen was an embodiment of sacrifice, compassion, progress, prosperity and a true socialist, told Prof. Goel.

There is a strong case for income tax exemption for the expenditure on the increased domain of CSR including sports and youth development in New India vision, said Goel.

We have to create capacity for bearing losses with shared vision of altruism ‘Not Me but You’ which is capable of giving new meaning to rationality for the actors of the economy, told Prof. Goel.

To be a good if not great person like Maharaja Agrasen Ji, we need to be street smart (simple, moral, action oriented, responsive and transparent), said Prof. Goel.