Farce of Savarna victimhood

– Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The photograph of the woman with wearing mask and burning fire crackers is ‘iconic’ in true sense. It actually reflect the mindset of the Savarna elite in India which is now determined to ‘develop’ new narrative of ‘victimhood’ and being fully encouraged and supported by the manuwadi leadership of Sangh Parivar. A video is getting viral on social media with a woman going live at around 1035 pm warning the Supreme Court that you cant dictate terms to Hindus in their own country on their own festivals. This is new India where the dominant claim victim hood and oppression knowing fully well that it is they who have taken the state for granted and the entire administration and government has surrendered to them.
Their hatred is towards Jawahar Lal Nehru but if you peep into Nehru’s Ministry, the Brahmins got disproportionate share. Indira Gandhi continued with that tradition. Even Rajiv did not forget. During the entire Gandhi family Raj, Kashmiri Brahmins had special status. The most powerful people inside, Nehru Gandhi family circles till date are the Brahmins. When Indira Gandhi returned to power in 1980, she focused on Thakurs everywhere. So we had V P Singh, Arjun Singh, Ram Lal or Virbhadra Singh, Chandra Shekhar Singh as chief ministers in our north Indian states. Even in the Samajwadi and BSP governments, Brahmins yielded considerable influence.
After Modi’s coming to power, the banias have emerged the major power player and not merely donors of the party. Other Savarna jaatis are also enjoying the game. Thakurs have enjoyed disproportionate representation politically. In the academia, media, bureaucracy Brahmans remained the number one.
We do not know how the savarnas are claiming that they have been victimised. If that is the case, let the government or BJP bring out a white papar that Hindus are being sidelined or victimised. If the BJP consider Bahujans as Hindus, then they are definitely being victimised and oppressed not by the Muslims.
Christians or any one else but the savarnas. Find out who is abusing the SC-ST Atrocities act ? Who want the reservation to be scrapped ? Who justify caste system ?
It is interesting to note that the Hindutva when want to boast the majoritarianism, count each one of us among it but when the issue of rights of the marginalised come, it oppose them tooth and nail.
In the last few years the savarna movements have got full sarkari support.
The first biggest savarna movement was Anna Hazare;s assault on constitution. His campaign for Lokpal which yielded nothing but strengthen the caste Hindus and their fake leaders. All smelt opportunity to come to power. Some got it, other joined the Hindutva campg while few others sulking now.
After the NDA headed power, the Savarnas have got substantial support as the political leaders of the ruling party are making statements, and polarizingĀ  police, army and bureaucracy. The Police officers are celebrating Diwalis, lighting Diyas, pour flowers from the helicopters and so on. All officers can celebrate at their very persona level but as a government servant their first duty is to follow the rule of the law and respect constitution.
The number of Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis in the Indian jail is the highest while no action has been taken against the perpetrators of the violence in the name of gauraksha. Families of Akhlaq, Pahloo Khan and many others like them are waiting for justice. NRC issue in Assam is deliberately created to deny Muslims the rights to citizenship in India which is absolutely dangerous and violate our constitution. On Ayodhya issue, we dont talk about rebuilding of the Babari Mosque as promise that Prime Minister Narsimha Rao made to the people of India on his address to the nation immediately after the demolition of the Babari Masjid. No criminal has been punished for violating the Supreme Court order to protect a religious place at Ayodhya in 1992.
Laws are being diluted to allow big industrial houses to destroy our environment and grab the lands mostly belonging to the Adivasis. Rivers are being sold. Environmental laws have been kept on back seat and panchayats are being made redundant. Academic institutions have been finished, autonomous institutions are not being supported as new members are not being appointed. All institutions have virtually lost their credibility.
One thing is for sure that a majority of Indians are unhappy and dissatisfied but then there are a few dominant who are enjoying, who feel that this is the best opportunity. Create calamity and use it an opportunity.
The name changing game is nothing but falsification of history. It is an attempt to do away with our past. All mythologies have become history. This is nothing but purely an exercise to deviate from the real issues of the people. Now, a big statue is being planned in Ayodhya. Question is whose land will be acquired and how much ? I can bet most of the people who would suffer would be the Bahujan communities, the farmers who will have to dedicate their lives, land and everything for building up the statue.
A government whose priorities are changing of names, polarising people, strengthening religiosity is nothing but a government of status quoists. It is actually strengthening the hands of those who have no respect for our constitution. In fact, respect for constitution mean respect for our diverse cultural heritage but pushing the diabolical manuwadi agenda, the leaders are only creating discords for the sake of votes in next election. That development does not become an agenda hence an all out war against the Muslims have been launched to vilify them and decry them. This has to be rejected at all cost. If India has to survive as a nation and as a civilisation then I cant forget my friends and relatives who may not be of the same caste or religion. Once, you are citizens of India, we are bound to be protected by the Indian constitution.
The victim narratives must be countered. They will not stop it. We know it well. We will have spread our narratives which are Bahujan narratives as well as historical work of working together.
I will not fight for the Raja maharajas whether Muslims or Hindus. They fought for their kingdoms and not for India. Making Rana Pratap an Indian icon while Akbar as villain is purely for the political agenda of the Sangh Parivar. All the kingdoms must be equally analysed and seen. They can not be a role model for us in todays time when we talk of constitution and rule of law. Mythologies cant be history but if that is being converted then all others nonĀ  brahmanical forces will do the same. The Hindutva has their big media but in the 21st century India, the Bahujan masses too have made their media and avenues to get their own.
And finally, if you are digging everything and changing, you will only get Buddha and his civilisation in India which the crooked caste forces destroyed. If the name changing start then the Buddhists, the Dalits, Adivasis will ask their heritage which the manuwaids destroyed for years. If history has to be corrected, will the brahmins or savarnas apologise for all the wrongs and injustice done to Dalits and Adivasis in our history ? Will you remove all the structure, culture and festival of violence and oppression against Dalit Adivasis as victory over rakshasas or demons?
India need a 21st century thought as espoused by Baba Saheb Ambedkar in Equality, Liberty and Fraternity as that is the only guarantee to keep us together and united. To deviate from his path means India sliding into the hands of those who enjoyed its division for the sake of their power. In democracy, people need to monitor and control their politicians otherwise they become the Lords and ultimately destroy the people, society and the nation.