Enter Sunder Nursery with inked finger on May 12

Sunder Nursery Central Axis - The design of this 560 m vista is inspired by the Persian carpet design and includes a central portion that in future years will form the heart of Sunder Nursery for visitors. (Photo Credit: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture)

New Delhi, ¬†On May 12, when Delhi’s seven constituencies go to the polls, your inked finger will serve as your entry ticket into the national capital’s 90-acre heritage park Sunder Nursery, that surrounds the Mughal-era sandstone mausoleum Humayun’s Tomb.

“Sunder Nursery is designed to serve Delhi’s citizens as a tranquil yet celebratory zone. We hope many will be enthused to come to Sunder Nursery after voting to celebrate participation in the festival of democracy.

“We are hopeful this will serve as incentive to many to actually vote,” AKTC CEO Ratish Nanda told IANS.

Known as Azim Bagh in Mughal times, the park was conserved by cultural non-profit The Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) starting 2007. It now has more than 280 native tree species, 80 bird species and a rich ensemble of tomb buildings.

It is listed among 100 of the World’s Best Places by TIME magazine. Entry into the Nursery otherwise costs Rs 30.