England to take Portugal off its ‘green travel list’

Heathrow Airport in London, Britain

London, (Asian independent)┬áPortugal will be removed from England’s “green list” of restriction-free foreign travel destinations and no new countries will be added this week, a media report said.

The so-called traffic light system for overseas travel rated countries and territories as red, amber or green for Covid-19 with different rules for passengers entering England from each list of destinations.

The revised “green list” of destinations from which people do not need to quarantine on their return to England will see Portugal being taken off and moved to the amber list, Xinhua news agency quoted the Financial Times (FT) newspaper as saying in its report on Thursday.

The newspaper quoted a government source as saying that it was an increased in variants that prompted ministers to decide to take Portugal off the “green list”.

Under the travel rules, passengers returning from an “amber list” destination have to self-isolate for 10 days on their return, and take two polymerase chain reaction (PCR) coronavirus tests during the period.

Those returning from “green list” locations are not required to self-isolate but they must take one post-arrival PCR coronavirus test.

Previously, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had said that the government will have no hesitation in moving countries off the “green list” if necessary.

From May 17, pubs, bars and restaurants in England were permitted to open indoors, while indoor entertainment resumed, including cinemas, museums and children’s play areas.

People were also allowed to travel abroad to a number of “green-list” countries without having to quarantine upon return as the ban on foreign travel has also been lifted.

The government’s roadmap is expected to see all legal limits on social contact to be removed on June 21.