Educators can perform ‘surgical strike’ on illiteracy, violence: Sisodia

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia

New Delhi, ┬áCalling hunger, unemployment, illiteracy, violence and hatred the biggest enemy of the society the education has to deal with, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday said educators working with the Delhi government has the power to change and to carry “surgical strikes” on these ills.

“When we read headlines related to unemployment, hunger, illiteracy, violence and hatred, we feel sad. The army can not do a surgical strike on these, you will have to do it. The teachers and education staff of Delhi will conduct a surgical strike on these ills. Only teachers and principals have the power to alter headlines, build a better future,” Sisodia said while addressing more than 1,000 heads of school (HoS) — principals and vice-principals, from the Delhi government schools, during a 3-day training seminar, starting Thursday.

“The power to alter distressing and disappointing headlines lies in our hands as educators. Only we are capable of changing these headlines. We should commit to ourselves that, in five years time, we will turn these headlines of despair and outrage that bother us, into headlines of hope and prosperity.”

He said that education in the city had seen a lot of reforms.”But this is just the beginning. The real work on education starts now.”