Eastern Economic Forum 2019 to have 50 business events

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladivostok (Russia), ¬†With focus on accelerating economic growth in Russia’s far eastern region, around 50 business events, including panel discussions and roundtables, have been scheduled as part of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) to be held here from September 4 to 6.

“The business programme of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum reflects principal trends of the global economic development,” said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the EEF.

“The agenda of the anniversary Forum includes relevant discussions on key economic, technological and social issues. I am sure that participation of leading experts and diverse formats will allow to work out new solutions for strengthening international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and will facilitate further socio-economic development of the Russian Far East,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the Chief Guest at the EEF, where IANS will be the media partner.

The business programme of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum consists of four themed blocks: ‘New Solutions for Accelerating Economic Growth’, ‘Improving the Business Environment’, ‘The Far East and Asia Pacific: Fostering Collaboration’, and ‘New Solutions for Improving Quality of Life’.

In the ‘New Solutions for Accelerating Economic Growth’ block, participants will discuss preferential regimes that are in place in the Far East, as well as new measures that are necessary for economic growth and increasing investment attractiveness of the region.

The discussions will focus on such mechanisms as Advanced Special Economic Zones, Free Port of Vladivostok, Far Eastern Hectare programme, and financial and non-financial investor support measures.

A number of sessions will be dedicated to the potential of key Far Eastern industries, including high-tech, forestry, fishery and aquaculture, agriculture, as well as development of the resource base of the Far East and the Arctic.

The topics for ‘Increasing the Investment Appeal of the Far East’ session featuring heads of Far Eastern regions include making regional authorities more efficient and fostering a favourable business environment.

The ‘Improving the Business Environment’ block will be dedicated to creating new opportunities for investors in the Far East.

Among the key topics are improvement of national jurisdiction and protection of investors’ rights; transformation of the public administration system in the face of digitalization; as well as development of small and medium-sized businesses as a key driver for accelerated economic growth of the Far East.

Apart from that, participants will discuss support measures and key projects in such areas as petrochemistry and tourism.

‘The Far East and Asia Pacific: Fostering Collaboration’ theme will be devoted to the economic interaction between Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries.

Participants will discuss key integration factors and prospects of business cooperation development.

The principal topics include international scientific and technological cooperation; digital transformation of international trade; participation of the Far East in global value chains; infrastructure for data economy; future of the Russian Arctic and transport corridors going through the Far East.

As part of the block, a Valdai Club session ‘The Asian Mirror: the Pivot East through the Eyes of Asian Partners’ will be held. The ‘New Solutions for Improving Quality of Life’ block will focus on social development of the Far East.

Participants will discuss issues such as attracting private investment in the social sphere; improving the quality of education in the region; development of modern urban environment and building cities of the future; as well as Far Eastern social innovations.

Apart from that, they will touch upon key vectors for healthcare development, including the creation of an international medical cluster in Vladivostok.