Easter Greetings : Power of love and reconciliation

All religions have mythologies and all have philosophies but most importantly all have a social message too. Frankly, religion dont survive on mere mythologies alone but on their social messages too. There is a big fight still going on in various parts of the world related to separation of church and the state but in the poor segments and oppressed sections, it was the message of the Christianity that was more powerful than any body else.

Societies where people suffer from social ostracisation, untouchability and other practices the concept of ‘God Love you’ gave people a new hope. Not because I love god in these times when all of them are helpless but because a society which is so classic example of complexes based on their births where people suffer from prejudices and hatred. Where you love to hate some one and blame him for every evil. When ‘punishment’ become the concept of ‘justice’ then hatred and brutality will be the order of the day as there is no chance of a reconciliation or talk of it.

These are the most difficult moments for us particularly when even a pandemic is being given communal colour and people from particular community are being targeted as ‘careers’ then we have to ponder over as where we have arrived. Leave aside the community, the ‘fear’ of ‘death’ is so powerful that even the doctors and nurses are being ‘targeted’ not by the ‘street mobs’ but by the ‘educated’ ‘ law abiding’ particularly when the prime minister calls for an ‘action’. Rather than honoring the brave warriors who are fighting to protect humanity by putting themselves in most dangerous situation, we are actually humiliating them. Look, who are there at the ground zero, apart from the health staff. it is the sanitation workers and among all they do the most difficult task and have been given the least respect. Hatred run so much that we are unable to think that this world can not be enjoyed in isolation and that we all have to contribute together to rebuild it. World over, calamities are the opportunities for all to put their head together and protect human values.

Corona is dangerous but definitely one day the science will find a way out and human lives will be protected but what about the hatred and prejudices which is running deep in our heart and veins for centuries. Has not this crisis shown the dirty side of ‘ I, my and me’. Just a days announcement of curfew and people throng in the street to buy the groceries for ‘ entire life’ as if there is no tomorrow. How is this that human being have become criminal just because they might have been contracted by a diseases so you do not hate the disease but human being, you are just being fearful of it.

When human values end then we cant have anything and these are not lofty ideals. People live by it. They may be a few but they are there. For me, it does not matter whether some body is secular, rationalist, humanist or religious or to any ideology if he or she does not share these values then there is no point even in engaging in a debate with them.

Yes and that remind me the life of Jesus Christ who according to Biblical stories has risen today. Jesus’s life is an example of how love can over come everything. If you have one thing, the social message of Christ and Christianity that is Service and love. They remain unparalleled. I think, the most powerful word for those who remain isolated, ostracised, rejected and dejected is the feeling of love and wanted. It is this power of live and feeling wanted that has given hope to millions world over. That is where, I say, the idea of ‘admitting’ the ‘guilt’ and then ‘forgiven’ is the most powerful than the idea of ‘declaring’ some one as ‘guilty’ and then punishing him or her. Admission and forgiveness are the ideas which can reshape our polity as well as bring peace for ever. In ‘admission’ and ‘forgiveness’ lies the powerful idea of ‘reconciliation’ while those who try to find answers in ‘punishment’ actually grow in anger and hatred. The answer to world’s issues today are not really in punishment but in acceptance of wrongs and then seeking love through reconciliation.

I think it is here the message of the life of Christ is the most revolutionary and I hope this message will be carried forward more powerfully to save the world. We can not live in perpetual hatred all our life. To ensure the world become a better place to live, we need power of love and reconciliation. Ofcourse, not without justice but in the spirit of give and take.

Easter Greetings to all !!

– Vidya Bhushan Rawat

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