DRDO body suit to protect doctors from Covid-19

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Hyderabad,(Asian independent)-  A body suit developed by India’s premier research and development organisation DRDO can protect doctors and other health workers attending on Covid-19 patients.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said the body suit can shield doctors, medical staff, sanitation workers and others.

According to a DRDO statement, the body suit developed earlier for medical and paramedical staff to manage and evacuate the causalities in the event of radiological emergencies has now been converted into a full body suit to stop contamination.

“The suit is washable and has passed the ASTM International standards. The suit is widely tested by DRDO and other agencies and found suitable for the cause,” it said.

Each suit costs Rs 7,000. Frontier Protective Wear Pvt Ltd, Kolkata and Medikit Pvt Ltd, Mumbai are producing 10,000 suits per day.

The body suit is one of the four instruments developed by the DRDO and ready to be deployed in ‘War against Corona’.

Since COVID-19 affects pulmonary functions, it has developed critical care ventilators.

The Defence Bio-Engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bengaluru, a DRDO lab, has identified a vendor (Scanray Tech Pvt Ltd, Mysore) to produce ventilators. “Innovation is on to create ‘Multi patient ventilator’ wherein several patients can be supported by a single ventilator. This innovation is expected to be available within a week,” the DRDO said.

Around 5,000 ventilators will be produced in the first month and 10,000 subsequently. Each ventilator unit will cost around Rs 4 lakh.

The third instrument developed by DRDO is five layer N99 masksAwith two layers of nano mesh. The production vendors of this advanced mask are Venus Industries Mumbai, and IMTEC Kolkata. The capacity is 10,000 masks per day. Material for these are is sourced from Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association, which is already having plenty of government orders for N95 masks. The mask costs Rs 70 per piece.

The DRDO has also developed hand sanitiser, a basic instrument against spread of Covid-19 It has provided about 4,000 litres of hand sanitiser to the Indian Armed forces, Armed Forces Medical Corps, and the Defence Security Corps, 1,500 litres to Ministry of Defence, 300 litres to the Parliament, and 500 litres to various security establishments and high offices.

Initially a DRDO lab, Defence Research & Development Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior produced about 20,000 litres. DRDO identified vendor, Gwalior Alco Brew Pvt Ltd, Gwalior for production of sanitisers.A It has a capacity of is 20,000 to 30,000 litres. It is priced at Rs 20 per litre.

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