Dr. B R Ambedkar Caravan marching globally

– Mahesh Wasnik-USA

Vishwa Ratna, Bharat Ratna, Bodhisattva Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s last message
“ Whatever I have done, I have been able to do after passing through crushing miseries and endless struggle all my life and fighting with my opponents. With great difficulty I have brought this caravan where it is seen today. Let the caravan march on despite the hurdles that may come in its way. If my lieutenants are not able to take the caravan ahead, they should leave it there, but in no circumstances should they allow the caravan to go back. This is the message to my people.” 

Source: Last few years of Dr. Ambedkar-Nanak Chand Rattu  

Friends, I am confident by looking at the current scenario with global Ambedkarite movement, we are going to move Dr. Ambedkar’s caravan to the next level.

Bust of Dr B R Ambedkar in Columbia University, New York USA

There is spate of local Ambedkarite organizations in major cities around the world who are not only celebrating their important events with local the community by increasing awareness on Ambedkar’s thoughts, his struggle to get rights for Bahujan community. He fights to eradicate old caste-based discrimination. He was an architect of India’s Constitution to build the modern India based on the principle of Liberty, equality and fraternity despite upon their language, culture and religion.

Dr Ambedkar embrace Buddhism in 14th October 1956 with 500,000 followers. The Ambedkarite community across world is due to the first mantra offered to his people is to Educate, Agitate and Organize.

Bust of Dr B R Ambedkar in the Atrium, Old Building, London School of Economics, UK
Brandeis University, Boston, USA

Educated Bahujan community migrated to seeks higher education and skilled jobs in other countries, most of the Bahujan organization located globally like in China, Japan, Singapore, Malesia, Sri Lanka; Canada, USA; UK, Germany, France; New Zeeland, Australia, Hungary, UAE, South Africa, South America and many more countries.

Any movement that seeks liberation needs allies. These alliances need to be built to gain much needed support to

York University, Toronto, Canada

fight the issues on the ground on international framework.

Ambedkarite movement uniting with a like-minded community like the Periyar group, Dalit Christens, Sikh community, Ravidas Sabha, Dalit Muslims and like-minded Bahujan to spread Dr Ambedkar thoughts locally among young generations around the world is important. There are Dr. Ambedkar lectures in many international universities along with Dr. Ambedkar bust in Columbia University NY, Brandis University in Boston, University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Simon Fraser University in British Columbia Canada & York University in Toronto Canada, Koyasan university in Japan, western Sydney University and Melbourne Central University in Australia, Ambedkar School in Sajokaza, Hungary, London School of Economics, United Kingdom. In 2015 after the proposal from and the robust lobbying by the Federation of Ambedkarite Organizations UK secured for the public a memorial for Dr Ambedkar at 10 King Henry’s Road NW3 London where Dr Ambedkar lived from 1921-1922.

Koyasan University in Japan
Western Sydney University, Australia

There are many main front organization who are working internationally like Ambedkar international mission (AIM USA) http://ambedkarmission.org/, Ambedkar Association of North America(AANA) www.aanausa.org , Ambedkar International center (AIC) www.ambedkarinternationalcenter.org , Dr. Ambedkar NRI Association(DNRI) http://danria.org;  Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organizations UK (FABO UK) http://ambedkar.nspire.in/about-fabo-uk.html , the Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance (ACDA) http://www.acdauk.org.uk/, Boston Study Group (BSG) http://bostonstudygroup.com/ , Equality labs https://www.equalitylabs.org/  Ambedkarite Buddhist Association of Texas (ABAT) http://abatusa.org/, Ambedkar Ignited Mission (AIM), http://www.aim2change.org , Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association Of Engineers http://banaengp.com/ , Samata Sainik Dal http://ssdindia.org/ssd/

Dr. Ambedkar’s bust at Sajokaza, Hungary

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Doctor’s Association  International Dalit Solidarity Network(IDSN) https://idsn.org, Dalit Women Fight http://www.dalitwomenfight.com/ Periyar Ambedkar study circles (PASC), Ambedkar King study circle(AKSC), Foundation of Human Horizons www.foundationforhumanhorizon.org/ , International commissions for Dalit rights (ICDR) http://icdrintl.org/, Ravidas Sabha California, Ravidas Sabha New York, Begumpura Cultural Society of Network, Ambedkar Educational Aid Society(AEAS),Friends for education International(FEI) www.friendsforeducation.org , Ambedkar Mission Canada. http://www.ambedkarmission.com/

Ravidas Sabha Toronto, Babasaheb Ambedkar International Association for Education(BAIAE) Japan, Dalit Sujag Tehreek in Pakistan. Dalit Network http://dalitnetwork.org

Simon Fraser University library, Vancouver, British Columbia

AIM was created to contribute to the process of overall development of the suffering untouchables/Dalit’s/ Tribal/ Buddhists, whose population in India is more than 250 million. It also aimed to create a sense of identity and also to regain the lost (due to the 2000-year-old caste-based exploitation and oppression) human personality.

AIM made PAY BACK TO THE SOCIETY as its governing principle upon Dr Ambedkar thoughts.

  • Ambedkar international mission in India.
  • Ambedkar international mission in USA,
  • Ambedkar international mission in Canada,
  • Ambedkar international mission in London,
  • Ambedkar international mission in Brunei,
  • Ambedkar international mission in Oman,
  • Ambedkar international mission in UAE,
  • Ambedkar international mission in Bahrain,
  • Ambedkar international mission in Malaysia,
  • Ambedkar international mission in Japan,
  • Ambedkar International mission in Australia,
  • Ambedkar International mission in France.

There are several Ambedkar International Mission(AIM) organization globally.

Ambedkar International mission has a lion’s share in creating an international platform for the Ambedkarites to gather, conduct seminars/symposia, deliberate on issues of concern to the society internationally.
Ambedkar International mission was an active partner in the first ever Dalit International Conference organized by Dalit International Organization, Malaysia in October 1998. Second and Third International Conferences were organized by AIM with the active support of Indian Progressive Front, MALAYSIA (December 2011) and with the active  support of Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha, UK;  and Guru Ravidas Gurudwara, Paris in France (July 2014).

AIM organized 125th Dr. Ambedkar Birth Anniversary in Columbia University in 2016 by initiating like-minded organization and over 500 delegates across the world attended this conference with panel discussion, atrocities issue. Ambedkar International mission also represent at United Nations multiple time to raise the caste discrimination issues. The UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the international community promise to ‘leave no one behind’ but by omitting any mention of caste, they have cast aside the Dalits. “Wherever Indians have gone and settled in large numbers, caste has followed,”

First Global Conference organized by, International commissions for Dalit rights (ICDR) in 2015 on defending Dalit Rights in Washington, D.C. recognize caste-based discrimination and all other forms of discrimination and inequality as key challenges to achieving inclusive democracy, human rights, justice, good governance, rule of law, and Sustainable Development Goals, including establishing a casteless society and empowering Dalit in a caste-sensitive Post-2015 development agenda.   The meaningful implementation of existing international human rights agreements by Member States of the United Nations must take place in order for Dalit and other vulnerable groups with requisite political will, civic engagement, skills, technologies and resources, to achieve equality and equal access to justice.

There are many Ambedkarite Media who spread message across the world like Ambedkar Times http://www.ambedkartimes.com/, Bheem Patrika, Dalit Dastak http://www.dalitdastak.com/, BAMCEF (Backward (S.C., ST.,NT, O.B.C.) and Minority Communities Employees Federation www.bamcef.info/http://www.bamcef.org.in/  National India News Network ,Dalit Camera https://www.dalitcamera.com/, Bahujan Nayak, Prabudhha Bharat newspaper, Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DICCI) www.dicci.org/ , Kanshi TV http://www.kanshitv.co.uk/. Nalanda Education foundation , Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Advocate Association,  Awaaz TV, Mahabodhi Society http://www.mahabodhisociety.com/ , Lord Buddha TV, Asoka TV , Samrat Newspaper, Mahanayak Newspaper, Dalit and Tribes blog https://dalitandtribe.wordpress.com/  Samyak Prakashan http://www.samyakprakashan.in,  Countercurrents,www.countercurrents.org, Roundtable http://roundtableindia.co.in/http://twocircles.net/category/dalit , http://navayan.com, Nagaloka http://www.nagaloka.org/, Manuski in Pune http://manuski.in/  Ambedkar Press Council, Dalit Adhivashi Adhikar Andolan http://www.da3.in/  and many more.