– M. L. Teji, Bedford (U.K.)

Dr Ambedkar’s PARINIRVAN DIWAS is coming on the 6th December 2019 and will receive worldwide respect.

Dr Ambedkar’s name is gaining popularity world-wide and new followers are joining everyday.  Lecturers from JNU ( Jawaharlal Nehru University) are playing a big part in spreading Dr Ambedkar’ name.  They are being invited worldwide by the universities to cast light on Dr Ambedkar and his mission.

Dr Ambedkar is now becoming a household name in the foreign countries and this is disturbing many in India.  Through JNU, the scholars worldwide are learning about the hardship and molestation endured by millions prior to introduction of the Indian Constitution.

In Delhi, the JNU teachers and students are putting the case upfront for justice but are being labelled as the GUNDAS by the participants who are hired by the media to back the Government.  They totally support privatising of the education because they cannot tolerate deprived making any progress.  They have no interest in promoting humanity in India.

Even Shree Shree Ravi Shankar has gone to Punjab with the message of privatising education.  Privatising of the schools will open the doors for the Hindi language to seep in and will help the Hindu agenda to establish.  For Punjab to remain Punjab we need unity and privatising of the education is going to cause division amongst us and the result would be extremely pernicious.  Be aware, It is a very well worked strategy.

The people have come quite aware of the game this government is playing.  They see on  daily basis how students from deprived families are being tortured and murdered.  Tongues and fingers are being chopped of young Adivaasi students.

Also the OBC communities have now come to understand that whilst the rich are in comfort of their homes they are out there doing their dirty work without any recognition.  Now, even the OBC students have also started to feel that they are being betrayed.

So they have united and voiced to maintain the JNU standards.  The JNU is highly admired abroad because it is helping students from all walks of life.  By introducing Manusmirity the Hindus will be able to withdraw all the sources of education for the Adhi-vaasis.  So closing of the JNU may be on the cards because it is a source of education for the Dalits.

Nelson Mandella and Martin Luther King were fortunate to get publicity because their fight was against the white supremacy but Dr Ambedkar was fighting for the freedom of the natives of India who were being badly mistreated.  This kept him behind the scene and Gandhi Ji, Nehru Ji and the others enjoyed the glory of publicity.

Due to lack of publicity, Dr Ambedkar failed to get recognition he deserved but through the hard work of his followers, today he is admired and respected all over the world.  His statues are being erected worldwide.

The Hindus and the Muslims led the fight for Independence but totally ignored the Adhi-vaasis.  They wanted India to be divided in two parts one for the Muslims and the other for the Hindus.

Dr Ambedkar came upfront and represented the natives and laid demand for India to be divided in three parts.  This sent shock waves within the Hindu and Muslim communities. So they decided to divide the natives among themselves.

This did not please the Valmikians in Lahore who said “that we are not sheep for you to divide” so with cohesion of Swami Shudranand the Adhi-Dharam movement in Lahore was started.  It was voiced for the thirty six lower caste communities to unite under one flag and on one platform.

This movement eventually reached Jalandhar city and here the head-office was established.  The Adhi-dharam movement was already ongoing when Babu Mangoo Ram Ji returned back from America.  He was warmly welcomed and appointed as the President of the Adhi-Dharam movement.  He represented the Ravi Dassia community and Pandit Bakshi Ram Ji represented the Valmikians.

This became a big worry for Gandhi Ji .  So, he decided to be close to the Adhi-vaasis to stop Jinnah in his track.  He picked the Valmikian community for the purpose and he stayed in the Bhagwan Valmiki Mandir – Delhi for nearly nine months.

He cleaned the toilets to show equality.  He gave the Hari-Jan name meaning God’s being (children of God).  People hold different opinions to introducing of this word Hari-Jan but the fact remains that Gandhi Ji did show of his closeness to the Valmikian Community.  Why did he pick the Valmikians when the other communities were around?  Only the Almighty knows answer to this.

The story has again repeated.  This time Mr. Modi has cleaned feet of the five Valmikian sweepers in presence of millions of people in the Kumb-mela.   Why did he pick the Valmikians when the others were also there?   Only the God has answer to this.

The situation developed to such extreme that Gandhi Ji had to go on death fast.  In opposition to Gandhi Ji a Valmikian Chuni Lal Thapar and Babu Mangoo Ram Ji from Ravi Dassia community both jointly sat on death fast.

In time of need when Dr Ambedkar was around, it was Punjab that supported him.  Going on Death Fast of Babu Chuni Lal Thaper and Babu Mangoo Ram Ji sums it all.  In those days Simla was the capital and all the conferences were held there.  Quite a few, the Valmikian families were residing in Simla and Dr. Ambedkar felt at home with them.   The bravery and the sacrifices of the Punjabis during the Independence are on the record.

Finally, we must not forget that what we are today is only because of Dr Ambedkar Ji.  I salute him from the bottom of my heart t because he is the one who has given us hope, strength and new life.  He came to save the ones who were being trodden upon.

Jai Bheem – Jai Bharat

M.L. Teji