– M. L. Teji, Bedford (U.K.)

Dr. Baba Sahib Bheem Rao Ambedkar Ji’s Parinirvan Divas falls on the 6th December 2019.  His last words were that if you can’t improve on what I have done, then please do not endeavour to degrade my effort. The Indian Constitution is present only because of him, the others walked away.  His efforts today are under threat.

It seems that Dr. Ambedkar’s drafted constitution is being targeted by the Authorities.  The Supreme Court’s judgments are also causing concern. There is increase in incidents against the DALITS but official response to their protection is on decrease.

There are intentions of replacing the Indian Constitution by the Manusmriti.  There is a lot of interest about this in the Indian Parliament.  The Indian Constitution is same for all but return of the Manusmriti is going to create divisions as it has done in the past and our history is evidence to this.  The return of Manusmriti will definitely give freedom to the likes of the Gurus who are today behind the bars.

The Aadi-Vaasis, today also known as the Dalits have been victimised since Aryan arrival which dates to about seven thousand years.  The Manusmriti was the cause of Caste System in India and finally  was outlawed by the Indian Constitution.  In return, it gave opportunity to the down trodden to progress but now this Government is trying to bring an end to it.

The general idea behind introduction of the Manusmriti is to give back control in the hands of the religious organisations.  The Manu’s code permits them to do whatever they please to downgrade the natives.  Their evilness has put them behind bars because the Indian Constitution does not tolerate such behavior but the Manusmriti permits it.

They look down upon others because the Manu’s code declares them superior to the rest by birth.  This practice was active during the British Raj and finally through introduction of the Indian Constitution was stopped but still the ego of one being born superior to other is kicking around.

Today in overseas and in India, inter-caste marriages are happening because the Indian Constitution allows them.  Dr Ambedkar himself has set the example.  The hatred is eventually disappearing through inter-caste marriages but to some it is not acceptable and they are the ones who are endeavoring hard to bring back Manusmriti to stop these marriages taking place.

Therefore incidents of hatred against the Aadi-Vaasis in India are on increase and the below figures sum that:-

  •                                YEAR                           COMPLAINS                       PROSECUTED
  •                                 2010                                40,481                                  3225
  •                                 2011                                40,435                                   2333
  •                                 2012                                41,826                                   1074
  •                                 2013                                45,531                                    984
  •                                 2014                                46,407                                    820
  •                                 2015                                46,207                                    922
  •                                 2016                                45,286                                    659

It is shocking to note that over the years complains have increased but the prosecutions have dwindled down.  Since the year 2016 the numbers have vastly increased.

  1. Ambedkar has put a lot of effort to establish law and order in India and his efforts have been fruitful but now his goodness is being drawn back by this government so they can introduce Manusmriti to establish Hindu Raj which they want.

For this, they have chosen M.P’s from all walks of life, just to gain their votes to pass the laws.  It is a very sad situation for all the Indians because our Gurus and our ancestors have all fought for equality amongst mankind but now it seems all their efforts are going to waste.

All over the world so much literature is available that very clearly states of the Aryan arrival in India but now the Aryans are trying to reinvent theory of the yugas again to establish them as the natives of India.  Will they pass the DNA test to verify their statement?  I do not think so.

Today the world is reaching stars and here in India we are still slitting throats of each other just to prove that one is better than the other by birth.  We are all surviving through commodities of God and they are same for everyone so how can one claim to be better than the other when we all arrive the same way.   This false belief is the cause to caste system through which millions of Indians worldwide are suffering.

When Dr. Ambedkar was drafting the Indian Constitution his main concern was to stabilise humanity in India but now it seems this government is pressing on to destroy it.  I firmly believe this to be the reason in increase of offences against the Dalits.  We can survive only by sticking together so UNITY SHOULD BE OUR MOTTO.

Dr. Ambedkar has drafted the Indian Constitution in such a way that it is benefiting all regardless of caste, culture and creed.  So, we must UNITE and protect it.  If we fail, then our rights and entitlements authorised by the Indian Constitution are at stake.

Jai Bheem – Jai Bharat.                                                                                                 M. L. Teji, Bedford (U.K.)