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M. Teji

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Diwali has just passed. In Shree Ram Chander’s Janam Bhumi – Ayodhya, thousands of Deepak were lit to create atmosphere similar to when Shree Ram Chander Ji, Sita Ji and Laxman Ji returned back to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile in the forests of India.

According to scriptures, Bawikshan, King Ravan’s younger brother brought them to Ayodhya in the Vimana named Pushpak. The same machine was used by King Ravan when he kidnapped Sita Ji. In those times only King Ravan and King Indra had flying machines in their possession.

In the Yogvashishat maha-ramayana it is mentioned that King Indra’s dhoot meaning a servant took King Arishtnemi in a Vimaan to rishi Valmiki Ji to gain knowledge to eternity.

It is astonishing to note that Bawikshan is mentioned as a normal human being but his brothers and sister all from same mother are described as cannibals who ate others. King Ravan is portrayed as a demon with ten heads.

The historians who have researched deep to find who King Ravan was? They have stated that he was an Adhivasi who was fighting against the Aryans. He opposed the Aryans but his brother Bawikshan for his own gains sided with them.

King Ravan had blessing from Lord Shiva that no human could kill him but Bawikshan being his younger brother; he knew that he can be killed by firing into his belly button. Shree Ram Chander tried everything but could not kill him. He became worried and restless.

Seeing Shree Ram Chander in dismay, Bawikshan asked him to aim for his belly button and he did so. King Ravan fell to the ground and cries of joy echoed all around the battle field. The way King Ravan’s death has happened has raised a lot of questions and need answers.

Did Bawikshan give the secret away so he could become the new ruler of Lanka? In modern times any brother who does this is considered a sinner and punished but instead Bawikshan is being hailed as a hero. Did he have his brother killed to satisfy his own greed or did he do it in all sincerity to help Shree Ram Chander Ji?

In those days any Adhivasi who stood against the Brahmanism was labelled a Rakshish meaning a demon. For the natives, any Adhivasi who opposed the Aryans was a RAKSHEEK meaning a protector of Bharat Mata but unfortunately for the Aryans was a Rakshish.

After their landing in Ayodhiya, the whole city was decorated with lit deepaks. The deepaks were lit to cast away the darkness that has been present since their departure. Bhagwan Valmiki Ji suggested this method to bring back happiness.

Since then, the deepaks have been lit with same enthusiasm as were done in Treta-Yug. Every household light’s Deepak in hope that the New Year brings health, wealth and happiness for them. Diwali also starts New Year on the Indian calendar. Sweetmeat is shared within the families and friends. Diwali and New Year wishes are exchanged.

Now quite a few religions have readjusted Diwali to blend into their own beliefs but the fact remains that DIWALI IS BHAGWAN VALMIKI JI’S GIVING.

Narendra Modi Ji has written a book Karam Yog in which he has stated that manual scavenging work done by the Valmikis is a spiritual experience.

This proves that the Prime minister plus his associates do not want the Valmikians to escape from manual scavenging duties.

Karam Yog means destined work for your soul. Instead of Valmiki the word Valmikians should be used. Bhagwan Valmiki is the God’s name and his followers should be referred as the Valmikians and not Valmikis. Valmikis just pluralises the name Valmiki. One Valmiki, two Valmikis but the word Valmikians shows that Bhagwan Valmiki Ji is God and the Valmikians are his followers.

When any statement in Hinduism is backed by religious context, it means that it is there for permanent stay. Manual scavenging with backing of spiritual experience shows that Mr. Modi and his associates want to maintain and promote it because it is linked to Manu Smirity.

If Manu Smirity finds it’s way back into the system then with it will come dawn of Dark Age in India. It will benefit some religious sects but vast majority of the public in India will face the consequences.

It is surprising to note that Gandhi Ji used the Valmikian community during his fight for Independence and now Mr Modi is using the Valmikians again to bring back Manu Smirity.

Other communities are also present in India but the Valmikians are again being singled out as were done during the fight for India’s Independence.

Jai Bharat,
M. Teji

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