Deputy Commissioner Jalandhar convenes all party meeting- Bhonsle

President Amritpal Bhonsle

Jalandhar, (Samaj Weekly) – Bahujan Samaj Party District Jalandhar Rural President Amritpal Bhonsle today said in a press note that people across the country are cooperating with the government in this regard. But the government has failed to provide relief to the common man. The poor are miserable. No facility is reaching the needy properly. Every scheme is being congressionalized. In the villages, the pro-government people are pushing and in many places the police are also pushing the common people, the depot owners are also giving less.

He said that for how many days people could be forcibly detained if the rations did not reach the needy then one day the patience of the people would be broken and people would take to the streets. Mr. Bhonsle said that the Deputy Commissioner of District Jalandhar should arrange an all party meeting so that the problems of the people in District Jalandhar could be taken up with the administration and resolved. He said that if the poor were not heard then BSP would be forced to struggle.