Day of Judgement


Today is the day of judgement. The election results will not come before 4 pm because of various intricacies and procedures. Be careful of the TV channels and trust only the Election Commission of India’s official announcement.

The atmosphere has been vitiated. The election Commission could have done to save their reputation but it did not show the courage to do which could restore the credibility of the institution when former CEC Dr S Y Quraishi too agreed with the demand made by 22 parties in a representation.

We hope the officials who are entrusted to do the counting will strictly follow the procedure and not become a ‘party’. In this environment of rumours and counter ones, the real threat is to the peace and mutual trust in the society. Any rumour and misleading report may lead to unrest and violence and therefore it is the duty of us all to be very careful of those who want to do so.

We dont have an issue of who people vote because in democracy ultimately the people are sovereign though it is itself a fad given the situation when people themselves are fighting for their basic needs and right while politicians and governments never bother to ask people their opinion about any issue they want to convert into a law. Elections have become highly corporatised apart from deeply injected anti Muslim propaganda everywhere to divide and polarise the opinion. This is the saddest aspect of our political campaigning that one party was blaming Muslims for every evils of the country while those who want to be their leaders, did not even bother to utter their names and issues. What a shame ?

Dont we take the issues of people and communities in our election promises. But the parties were so defensive of countering or speaking about a carefully crafted brahmanical narrative which was being spread silently. The result is every party became kind of ‘following’ the ‘dharma’ though claimed that they were different.

I dont have the habit of commenting on hypothetical questions and that is why kept out of guessing and counter guessing the poll results. The so-called ‘experts’ and psephologists are nothing but big money minters sitting in the lap of powerful business interests who gain from them. I feel that we all should wait for the final outcome. I would like that once we settle down after this enormously important election, one campaign should be against the opinion polls and Exit Polls. They must be banned. You can call me whatever but my feeling is that this tamasha must go. Media must be given guidelines to report and discuss things. Even if they conduct opinion polls, let them have it three months before the poll schedule. Also, we should campaign for elections to be conducted in lesser period of time. We started from March 10th when the Election Commission had announced Model Code of Conduct and now we are in the end of May, so it is over three months, which is too big and lengthy. There are whole lot of issues which political parties must come to a consensus or Election Commission must do to protect our institution and democracy.

My best wishes to all who are in the fight today. Hope the country will have a genuine coalition government with fair representation from South too. Let us hope for the better. Will India elect a mazboot neta or a mazboor sarkar ? I would definitely look for a government which depends on allies so that it work for the people and respect regional sentiments. India today need a political government which listen to the people and work for them and not the one which is controlled by media, mafia ( religious) and moneybags.

Vidya Bhushan R await
May 23rd, 2019
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