Dangerous attempt to polarise the forces in India

– Vidya Bhushan Rawat


The hate speech of CRPF constable is not knew as the trend is growing. Happy to see that forces are participating in Human Rights debates but why is this only those speeches are getting viral which are abusive in nature. Is there no one in the forces who says he or she respect rule of law. Human rights are not merely personal ethics but international guarantee to defend personal liberty. If the institution who are supposed to uphold law will speak like private militias and senas and rule of law is not needed then we don’t need any institution. The fact is that even the people in forces have rights. If rights are that bad then why did India approach International Court of Justice in the kul bhushan Jadav case. Should we assume him criminal as Pakistani says. A Tej Pratap Yadav who complained about food deserve to be heard. The jawans and officers of CRPF remained most stress as they do the toughest job.

The thing is political issues are being dealt as administrative one. Just by glorifying jawan you don’t take away their risk and stress. ,

After many days got some time to share my thoughts with the Wire.

Here is the link :  https://youtu.be/Qk64-Udrso8